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  1. I'll edit your post to clear up the the misunderstandings. Andrew there seems to be crossed wires here as I just had a talk with all the guys and the repair work that is being done just now will last 5 years +. A strip and reslate at present is not imminent although you should be looking at reslating the roof in about 5 years or so. Here's what I can offer you Andrew. If the team proceed with all repairs as per quote and existing plan, that will mean that you have a sealed roof to properly plan your strip and reslate. I will then quote you for a strip and reslate and give you discount
  2. Thanks, to be honest I'm not sure myself the difference they meant between the full repair that was agreed and 'doing what is necessary to get it water tight' as either way they were to fix the leak and make the roof water tight. And the fact they said their warranty and discount offer were good for 5 years made me believe that whatever they did to fix the leak would last at least that long so it wasn't going to be a temporary fix. The major change I noticed from the original quote to the revised quote that they sent after they finished was changing 'full break out and replacement
  3. Hi, yes I'm in Scotland. I only found out about simple procedures yesterday when I started looking into it. Sorry if there was any confusion in my post; the quote I agreed to was for £3150 for fixing the leak, I paid nothing prior to work commencing and it wasn't until 2 hours into the repair that the sub contractors stopped to tell me the roof really needed replaced. They did no further work that day while I got back in touch with the roofing company to discuss options. It was agreed that they would send the sub contractors back the next day to do what was necessary to get the roo
  4. Hi there, long time since I've posted here. TL:DR; full story below, but the jist is I got someone out to fix my roof, after initial quote they said I need a new roof so I agreed to an adjusted quote to just make roof watertight for now and a promise this would be discounted from new roof cost. Roof is still leaking from the same spot and they're refusing to fix it as the leak is in a part of the roof they didn't touch. New roof quote was clearly inflated to cover the cost of my 'discout' so have no plans to follow through with that. So I'm now left £2850 out of pocket and the roof
  5. Hi, I'll try to keep this short. Preface: So I am working for a retail company for last 6 years, and since summer last year I've been on an 8 hour contract to give me flexibility for my studies. I've been working for 25 hours a week for the last 4 months but now that exams and coursework deadlines are approaching I've asked to only work my 8 contract hours per week until they are over. I have been told by management that I need to give them 4 weeks notice as they have already done the rotas for the next 4 weeks and they can't be changed. I'm only contractually obliged to do overtime durin
  6. Thank you for your input blitz, most of that is along the lines of what I was thinking too. Yeah, that was the website I was initially on, and just wanted a little clarification on certain scenarios, thanks for the link though! One more question, which I believe I have found the answer to on this forum and on the website you have mentioned, but I would just like to be absolutely certain: 6. I have been told by my managers that when I am refunding items paid for by debit card, I can only refund the money onto the card used to pay for the goods, or a gift card, and th
  7. Hello everyone, I currently work as a customer service clerk for a large retail organisation and have been researching the Sales of Goods Act so that I am able to provide the best customer service to our customers and stay on the correct side of the law. Now I have a few questions that I wasn't able to get an answer to, and I was hoping that some of you lovely people would be able to help me out. 1. Should a customer bring back a product that they have only had for a short amount of time (7 days for example), claiming that the product if faulty, however the fault they described can q
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