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  1. Hi Bazooka Boo They are addressed to the occupier. What would that mean? Hi Rebel11 The point is not flatmate. The point is I want to know if the TV licensing has in their records, that the TV license for my flat has been paid for. Regardless of whether or not my flatmate has paid for it, if they do not have an account for it, I personally do not fancy going to court to fight it out seeing as she's moving out soon. Seeing as it is my flat, I believe I have a right to know what is being covered for my flat.
  2. Unfortunately I already have contacted them. Whilst I did not give any personal details, I did however provide my address. Would that be a problem? In regards to providing me with the information, is there a way I can force them to divulge information on my flat beyond taking them to court?
  3. So my problem is as thus. I own a flat and do not watch TV but my tenant does. Since we had just moved in, I did not have a TV and certainly not a TV license. My tenant however bought a TV and said she would deal with the TV licensing issue and pay for it and I took her word for it. A few days ago, I received a letter from TV licensing stating that it has not been paid and I would need to take action by the 17th of June, if not they would submit my address for investigation. So I asked my flatmate to send me the email confirming that the TV license has indeed been paid. She said sh
  4. Hi Old-CodJA Should I go there personally or should I call them up? would I have a criminal record if they convicted me in my absence?
  5. Hi everyone I got into some trouble in April after I mistakenly used my brother's Oyster Card and was caught by the bus inspector. After that, I contacted TFL and offered to settle out-of-court and paid the £250 fine before the deadline. I was subsequently sent a letter from TFL personally telling me that the case will now be withdrawn from the court. However, I received a letter from the magistrates court today with my details and the court case despite all that. Now I am scared that I have a criminal record and will need to pay more on top of that. What should I do? I have
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