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  1. Okay thanks Will carrying on ignoring both them and my nagging parents how long do the letters last normally 3 months?
  2. Been confrimed still having letters now fine up to £110 from original £50Cousin said his mate got there parked didnt pay ended up in court and paid £100's in legal costs etc...All my family especially mum and dad are getting really worried now I will end up in court and keep saying I should pay themWill I genuinally be fine not too dont wont to end up loosing 100's in court and all of them saying I told you so as I keep trying to assure them I will be okay
  3. Okay thanks I am at university anyway so will just warn my parents and tell them not too worry when they arrive back home
  4. Hello received a payment thing through from parking eye themselves in Crown wharf shopping centre in walsall. I popped into a shop to get my mum her birthday present and as they were no barriers presumed it was a free car park as live in Lincoln now for university. have photos of my car but none showing my face as looking is the standard request for £70 recuded to £50 if I pay early. As I never brought a ticket is it safe for me to just not pay and receive a few letters or should I pay it? Thanks greg
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