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  1. Hi slapmiheed, very interested to read your thread. I know it was a long time ago but I am curious to know the outcome. I am in a similar situation (however I kept hold of the hire car from Drive Assist and kicked up one hell of a fuss with my broker The Post Office. Likewise Incident Management Solutions said my car was a "write off" (but they changed ownership and never wrote it off) but TPI refused to pay their ridiculously inflated repair costs. Drive Assist sent me a reduced amount from TPI after 8months of them battling it out and expected me to pay the garage directly for the repair
  2. Just something I would like to share at this point. If anyone experiences problems with the likes of DRIVE ASSIST - having been sold into their hands by their insurance brokers ie: Post Office, Marks & Spencer (and quite an endless list I think I saw on moneysupermarket.com) be very aware of the stance taken by The Ombudsman Service. The Ombudsman route is a very prolonged process and the level of competence is not necessarily what you might expect. They also have no jurisdiction over claims management companies. They do have jurisdiction over the brokers but in my case The Post Of
  3. Thankyou for your responses, I am very grateful I did write a more detailed version last night but then right at the end I lost internet connection!! Anyway, today I had a telephone conversation with a solicitor who gave me free, sound advice and gave me the confidence to follow this thing through to the end without expense to myself. I know it all sounds a little cryptic at the moment but will certainly update this thread when things are a little clearer, if only to help anyone else who ever has to deal with these companies
  4. Suing drive assist Will try to condense a rather complicated case with my Insurance Company. Took out insurance through the post office. Involved in non-fault accident. Was simply informing post office (as advised). They persuaded me that I should let them deal with all aspects of claim "in my best interests". Passed me on to Drive Assist. My vehicle sent to repairers and I was supplied with replacement. My car was deemed a "write off" though I disputed this as the nominated repairers told me that the estimate they submitted was in fact £1000 less than Drive Assist/Incident
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