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  1. I have just got off the phone to Lee and have to say I'm very impressed with the efficiency and knowledge of his work. It seems VF did send a DN to me (although I honestly can't remember receiving it) and it seems the default may be correct. I'm still bemused about the £16.00 admin charge and why this fee wasn't passed on to the DCA (just to be cear I paid the DCA and not VF), but I don't think the non payment of this reflects too negatively on my credit file. Lee has still passed the matter to the QA team as there were special circumstances as to why I didn't initally pay to th
  2. Thanks for the reply locutus, maybe this is why they didn't reply to me and kept the £1 cheque I wrote them. It's very difficult knowing what to do in situations like this, my credit file is excellent expect for this default and as I should before Vodafone really haven't been helpful (I've asked for a copy of the DN several times).. I'll send the Vodafone rep an email now and hopefully we'll get a resolution. Thanks again
  3. Hi, I haven't taken the complaint any further than ringing their customer services. I'll look at the link later today. Thanks for your reply :o)
  4. Please delete/close this thread as it is a duplicate - thank you.
  5. Hi All, Not sure if this is the right place to post this kind of question, but does anyone know where what my rights are for being provided an inadequate phone? I have two contracts with 3 mobile, but only one of the handsets gets coverage. I have an iPhone 4 which is £35/p m but it's coverage is very poor, always cuts out of calls and losing reception. I also have a basic entry level Nokia phone which is £8/p m and it works fine very rarely losing coverage. Obviously it's something with the iPhone, but when I call them to say I want to cancel they are quoting me too h
  6. Hi Ciaran, I have just read your story, it sounds similar to my story; specifically Vodafone putting defaults on accounts without notice and leaving outstanding amounts without sending bills! To be able to post links or images your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 1 posts. Glad you got your sorted and best of luck for the future
  7. Hello all, I'm looking for a bit of advise of how to proceed in regards to trying to get a default removed from my credit file from Vodafone which I believe was unjust and unfair. Back in June 2007 I opened a contract with Vodafone; unfortunately due to sickness I was signed off work for three months and didn't complete payment on three or four monthly bills. I was threaten with legal action and a bailiff letter was sent. Understandably I was quite taken back by this demand so I borrowed a family members credit card and paid the whole outstanding balance of £700. F
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