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  1. Hi, Thanks for all your replies. The matter is already with head office. Unfortunately, they appear to have the blinkers on a little bit. They agree it should not have happened and was very unsafe etc, indeed, only a few days later a little boy was crushed to death by a falling display at a shop in the UK. So it does happen. But they think £15 is good enough. I dont. If need be I will take this further, but hopefully will get a better reply soon.
  2. Hi, I received this earlier today. I have replied saying I do not accept the offer of £15 as I think this is an insult to my son. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Matt, Thanks for getting in touch with us. I'm sorry to hear of the issue that you and your son experienced within our Gloucester store. Please accept my apologies for the distress this has caused. I do hope that your son is OK. Also I do apologise for the content of the previous response, this is certainly not the level of service that we wish to be remembered f
  3. Written apology to my son, safer display units, and an offer of goodwill to my son, not me, but my son. If need be, I will take this to small claims court, I have had enough now of being ignored and accused of not keeping my son in control, when if they could be bothered to check the CCTV they would see that he was well in control.
  4. Gloucester Currys. Injuries were cut and grazed left knee, brusied upper body, but nothing majorly serious thankfully.
  5. Hi, I have not informed H&S yet - how do I do that? It was Gloucester branch.
  6. Hi, After some general advice. My son was injured in store on 2/6/13. Managers did not do accident book or anything, or take details until I insisted on them taking the details. They did not report injuries. One of the staff said it was not my sons fault. (A display unit fell on top of him - he was not messing around etc, he was just playing with a laptop that he was invited to do). CCTV would confirm this, but they have not got the CCTV yet apparently. There were witnesses etc. I emailed them on 3/6/13 and had a reply on 11/6/13 saying that I should keep my son under more control.
  7. Hi, Hastings have cancelled my insurance policy for my car due to non payment. Problem is, payment was taken, in full, after a total loss claim around 8 months ago. They are awaiting to see if they can reinstate, but I am not insured at the moment. Can they do this and should they reinstate my policy? Regards Matt
  8. I agree with scarlet, it is advertised as havng a sat nav. I was reading up on this and having a think last night, when a dealer sells a car, they check to make sure it is an acurate description, take a simple CD player, or Air-Con, they dont advertise it with a CD player if it is a cassette player, etc etc. I would definitely argue, and think most would agree, that if they have sold it as coming with a Sat Nav, it should come with a Sat Nav, the only option for them now, I would argue, is to pay for sat nav to be fitted, (by them, or giving you the funds), or to give a full refund and ta
  9. Thats a difficult one, through your own admission, you do not think the garage has mis-sold you anything, (knowingly anyway). You can always ask the garage to take it back, and see what they say. I guess it makes it difficult as the main dealer themselves thought that the Sat Nav capability was included in this vehicle until they put the VIN number into the system. The garage have forwarded you "a" disc, and so the argument you could have is that the garage were never provided with a disc for the sat nav. If they were, they would not have had to source one for you, and this wou
  10. Hi Sailor Sam, Door seal is fine until they replace so that is OK then. Rear wiper, if it doesnt fail MOT, that will explain that. The exhause looks new, to the best of my knowledge, it is shiny and clean etc, all the welding is correct, but there appears to be a small noise coming from the exhuast section, nothing serious, but you can hear it when you accelarate. Any ideas?
  11. Hi all, I have purchased a used car, and need some advice I am a bit stuck on. It had an MoT on the morning I picked it up, 1/5/12. The rear wiper blade however is split - should this have been a fail. Also, the rear door seal was not replaced as agreed, I have it in writing and the garage say they will be doing this as soon as the parts come in - how long do I give them before playing up? Finally, the garage stated it had a new cente box exhaust, should I get this checked out? I am just wondering that if the MOT should have failed for a simple thing, are there more t
  12. He is clearly using scare tactics in trying to make you accept the £200. Keep with it as advice already given above, he will come unstuck, ... the old saying play with fire comes to mind for him!!! Good luck with your case
  13. Hi, Can anyone advise me please I purchased a used car on 1/5/12, the dealer did not ask me to sign the V5 but gave me the green copy. Should I fill in form V62 or not? Also, am I under any other obligations to fill anything in etc after buying a used car? Regards Matt
  14. Tell him to sue you and youll see him im court! You will win
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