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  1. Maybe something like a cooling vest would help?
  2. Try wiping it with a baby wipe or eye make up remover.
  3. But that's the law...A section 21 notice does not end the tenancy, it merely informs the tenant that the Landlord wishes to apply to Court for a Possession Order. If your brother moves out before a Possession Order is enforced (ie before the bailiffs have been instructed, probably) then he will be seen as making himself Intentionally Homeless and won't be entitled to any help from the Council. If you didn't take a deposit, then you can't have protected it so leave that bit blank. Is the section 21 correct in terms of giving enough notice and ending on the right date? From
  4. Of course he's not going to sue you for libel - it costs at least £10k to START a libel case - that's before solicitor costs etc are taken into account.
  5. Same with me - trying to get a multicar quote earlier this year, Aviva's quote came in at almost FOUR TIMES the final quote we went with (Admiral) For my car alone Aviva's quote was FIVE TIMES the best quote.
  6. 1. How long have you worked there? 2. Have you had relevant manual handling/health & safety training? 3. Is there a bit in your contract/employee handbook etc about you doing "any other duties"?
  7. (1) Yes, and it needs to tie in with a tenancy date (example: if your tenancy started on the tenth of a month, then notice from you needs to be given before the tenth of a month to expire on the following ninth, giving a full month's notice (it could be up to eight weeks, depending on the time you give notice) and notice from the Landlord needs to give at least two clear months' notice and expire AFTER the 9th of a month) (2) Sort of. They can ask for a rent increase at any time, if you don't agree, then they need to use a specific form of words (a section 13 notice) which gives you det
  8. Tell them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine and you'll see out your tenancy agreement then.
  9. Yes, as long as it says so in your contract. They can't say they'll pay you on (say) the 14th and then pay you on the 21st. They can pay you for week 1 at the end of week 2, week 2 at the end of week 3, week 3 at the end of week 4, week 4 at the end of week 5 etc. My DH has a casual job in a uni library and he gets paid for October's hours in mid-November, November's hours in mid-December, December's hours in mid-January (assuming his timesheet is in in the first week of the month). It's so payroll can correctly pay people who may not work the same hours each week or month.
  10. Yes, this is what you should do. My DH was going to London (from Weston-super-Mare) for a job interview. We booked a ticket online with a single change (at Bristol Temple Meads) - the train stopped between the two places (on the track) for about half an hour due to an escaped cow (oh the joys of country living). He therefore missed his connection. He spoke to the conductor (r whatever they're called now) and explained that he had now missed his connection - the ticket was endorsed so that DH could get the next train (and because we'd bought the ticket early, he had a first class seat cos i
  11. What date (exact) did your most recent fixed term start? Have you paid a deposit? Has it been protected and you received the Prescribed Information?
  12. Following on from Emmzzi's questions/comments above - did all the FLT/wagon drivers move to the contractor company or just some of them? Did the original company employ any FLT drivers direct at any point since your hubby was outsourced?
  13. Or fluctuating conditions such as ME/fibromyalgia and some have limited knowledge of how certain mental health issues really affect people.
  14. Not quite. It is mandatorily allocated to the multi-track (but everything else is correct)
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