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  1. But racial discrimination is not based on nationality It is based on Race. Requirements for a visa are not based on Race they are based on nationality Personally I really think you are barking up the wrong tree but would advise anybody to get specific legal advice if they feel they have experienced discrimination of any kind. Do you have legal cover on any insurance policies? Or alternatively have you spoken to ACAS who may be able to help
  2. You are therefore saying that only non-whites (i.e. of a different race) require visas To test whether it would be racial discrimination ask yourself "if somebody of the same race had required a visa would they be in the same position" For example - had the job been given to a white Australian which then was brought to a close because the visa had expired and they could not justify the business requirement for that person to continue in employment - would you consider that to be racism? Or unfortunate in the current economy?
  3. I still feel you are trying to pull the racism card when there is no cause your wife required a visa to work here so was offered a fixed term contract to such a point as the visa expired. Some companies have a policy that people who have/require visas and work permits that have expiry dates are not entitled to permanent positions as the company can be held culpable if somebody overstays their visa "because they have a job that they can't leave" We have had an economic downturn and even the most profitable companies are cutting costs and filling the sandbags as the downturn is likely to continue. The one place most people are looking is at staffing levels. this couldn't have been predicted 2 years ago when the initial contract was agreed Unless your wife has experienced any direct racial attacks I don't think you can say the fact they have chosen not to renew a fixed term contract is racist Even if she were permanent her role may well be facing redundancy
  4. I would say that it is probably more something to do with our failing economy that she may be facing redundancy It's happening to lots of us at the moment and has nothing to do with where you are from or what you do
  5. Of course you got financial Gain ... just not physical cold hard currency Look at it this way ... you bought a game for £10 using your discount, you traded it in for £15 store credit which you then spent at the store on a second game you therefore got at least a £5 gain - and the company lost first of all on selling the game at a discount to you rather than for full price to a normal customer then again on the second game which I presume you again used your store discount to buy? i quite often will buy preowned games and then trade them in once I have played them and sometimes even make a profit on them - but I don't work for the shop I am essentially doing out of profit ... and I don't do it 10 minutes after buying it You must have known you were going to profit out of it or you wouldn't have done the transactions on the same day
  6. Have just noticed that you say there was no inventory No inventory .... No Deductions And they can't charge for a brand new carpet - only like for like taking into account wear and tear but then again ... No Inventory - no deductions as they have nothing to compare it against! Plus everyone else is right - sue him for the 3x your deposit as he didn't protect it (as is required by law)
  7. Unless they have actually made a levy (got a signed Walking possession agreement) they can't charge you anything other than the initial 24.50 & 18 whether they visit once twice or 6000 times
  8. from the sounds of it you did ask to be released from your notice period what were you expecting ... that you worked one week and got a months money and had things gone to plan started at your new job the following week and got paid from there too?? Am sure if your new job had started when expected you wouldn't even be questioning this. Hardly your old employers fault (unless I have completely misunderstood your question!!)
  9. When you signed up to the HCI and bikes to work initiatives you will have been advised that as long as you worked for them you get the tax breaks but that if you left any outstanding balance would be taken out of your final pay With regards to the holiday - if you have taken more of your annual holiday than you have accrued then of course they can claim it back - you haven't worked enough of the year to be entitled to a whole years entitlement
  10. why does it not seem fair? Most things you sign up to have a notice period, so why should your gym membership not?seriously - if you didn't want to be tied in then you would have had to pay every time you went to the gym and I'm sure you appreciate how much more that would have cost you.You are actually quite lucky as some gyms have a 3 month notice period. did you relocate overnight or did you know about it some time in advance?
  11. And most mobile phone contracts these days have free minutes as do PAYG deals so the argument could actually be that they are saving you money rather than charging you to call a landline?
  12. Was it a mistake to send via post rather than DX? I work in a law firm and if our fee earners want something sent by DX they provide the DX address for the letter on the dictation and if they want it sent by post they provide the address/advise to get the address off file?
  13. You say it's an issue about your race rather than behaviour - what leads you to believe this?
  14. I looked into it and discovered that Specsavers were still cheaper for my contacts as I also have an astigmatism. If I didn't need Toric lenses it would probably be cheaper over t'interweb!
  15. I wouldn't have thought you were entitled to your deposit (but may be wrong) My belief is that deposits tend to be non-refundable due to the fact that they are there to cover the costs of making a booking and any fees that have to be paid up front. I appreciate that you probably didn't want to cancel and hopefully had insurance in place to cover this eventuality - did the insurance not cover the cost?
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