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  1. I couldn't give exact dates but id say late 2013 / early 2014. EDIT* Also don't know if it makes any difference but I moved house earlier this year. All the debt / ccj is associated with my old address. I haven't informed any of the debt agencies of this and I don't plan to.
  2. Thank you for your replies, 3 of the Lowell are mobile phone contracts. One is £103, mail order? whatever that is. a nd one is vanquis bank I will start a thread in the PDL shortly.
  3. Indigo Michael LTD - £330 - Default. Instant Cash Loans T/A Payday UK - £164 Late payment. Provident £493 - Late payment Active Securities LTD £995 - Default Ferratum UK £184 - Late Payment. Myjar £656 - Late payment Madison Cf UK LTD £2,525 - Default Creditstar £156 - Late payment Lowell £844 - Default Lowell £765 - Default Lowell £104 - Default Lowell £784 - Default Lowell £959 - Default Ee Limited £826 - Default Ee Limited £288 - Default At the end of each I have listed it's status according to my credit file, either default or late payment. Although I have not made payment for a long time! Also says there are 3 CCJ's against me, 1 of them is for the Madison Cf UK LTD £2,525. Madison cf is 118 money Not too sure what the other 2 are. I know this looks really bad but like I said I was a in a bad place at the time and want to get this sorted. Never want to borrow ever again!
  4. Hi all Long story short, had serious cash issues in the past which has now caught up on me, I have burried my head in the sand for far too long and it's stressing me out too much. I want to go with a Debt Relief Order, but I have a few questions As there is quite a lot of creditors, I don't know all the names etc, once I start the process for the DRO, is there anyway they can find out how much I owe and who to? Total debt is about £11,000. with 3 current CCJ's against me. I know how bad this sounds but I was diagnosed with depression last year and was struggling to cope, but I am doing alot better now. I have checked my credit file and most of them just mention the debt company rather than where the debt originated. I am currently unemployed, with very few assets. Time to pull my finger out and get this sorted once and for all ! Thank you all very much in advance, it's much appreciated. Regards Karl
  5. Morning Had a reply from Opos. Good morning, The Financial Ombudsman will advise you to go through our complaints procedure first. Please contact one of our trained advisors on 0141 428 3990 to discuss this. Regards, Rebecca Should I advise I would like to keep all communications via email? Also is there some kind of template to use for a reply to this? Cheers Karl
  6. They replied to my email today. Good morning Karl, I can see that you paid £150 on 31/07/2012. At this time we closed the account as disputed and returned it to our client. At no point did we tell you we were accepting £150 as a settlement, the payment was too low to be accepted as a settlement. Therefore, the balance is still outstanding with our client. Kind regards, Rebecca - I just replied saying that those charges are NOT enforceable and will not stand up in court. I have informed them I have contacted the financial ombudsman.
  7. Agreement was made via e-mail, unfortunately I have no record as I don't keep e-mails that long!
  8. Good Morning I received a email from Oposlimited debt collector trying to get me to pay £1156 on behalf of Kapama (Minicredit) This is a loan I took out in 2011 - 2012 for the amount of £100. Cut a long story short, i struggled to pay it back but we eventually came to the agreement of paying £150... the original loan amount plus 1 month interest. Anyway.... as I was saying, today they emailed me saying I owe £1156. Kapama (Mini Credit - https://www.minicredit.co.uk) Refs: XXXX and XXXX Statement Date: 26/02/2016 Current Balance:£1,156.00 Period Covered: 26/02/2015 to 26/02/2016 Your Account Summary Loan Amount £100.00 Interest Charges £121.00 Debt Collection Charges £100.00 Default Charge 1 £25.00 Default Charge 2 £50.00 Attempt Charges £910.00 Paid £150.00 Adjusted £0.00 Outstanding Balance £1,156.00 Weird ay?
  9. 118118 money_ I explained my situation in the court letter I returned and have since heard nothing back regarding the CCJ
  10. 118 118 Money I believe the Lowell accounts are O2.
  11. The provident one is being paid off weekly. Indigo Michael LTD is SafetyNetCredit
  12. Good Afternoon I've had a very sketchy past involving a lot of borrowing and struggling to repay, was also suffering from depression at the time but have since overcome all of that and now the debt is catching up on me and I am starting to panic! I am currently unemployed as my recent employer has decided to sell his business! There are approx 7 - 8 debtors chasing me for debts between £170 - £950. One of those being at about £2500 (118118 money) that one is currently marked on my credit file as CCJ. I have had a visit from Fidelite Debt Collections so far, as well as various letters from other companies. I am currently living with my partner who lives with her parent. I have no assets apart from a finance car (which she is making payments for me at the moment due to me being laid off!) Bottom line is, what is the worst case scenario that can happen? I am living in someone else's house, nothing is mine apart from car. . so what will happen? As soon as I am back in employment I will start contacting them to start paying it off, but at the moment I am stuck. Thanks for help Karl
  13. ktan49

    Bank charges advice

    Thank you for your reply, couple of questions though - Would the address I send this letter to be my local TSB or their main headoffice?
  14. ktan49

    Bank charges advice

    Hi I've recently lost my job, and now really struggling. I have read that people have been able to claim back the last 6 years of bank charges under the financial hardship rule? If this is correct, are there any template letters available? Also don't want to get stung by companies who do this on my behalf but charge 25% of what I get refunded! Thanks guys!
  15. Brill! I will get down to the library and print it all off Monday and get it sent off!
  16. Thank you for taking the time to do this for me. So its best to print it off etc and send it in the post, rather than use this in an email? Cheers !
  17. I have only communicated with them via email. They may have tried to ring me but I do not answer numbers I don't know. Thanks for your help!
  18. Final warning before we contact employer. Your loan balance is 300gbp. Repay online or contact us today for payment options. [email protected]
  19. Ok. Well looks like I'll be needing that letter if you wouldn't mind thanks!
  20. Reply. Dear Karl, Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, the balance as it stands at present is the balance that will need to be settled. You had agreed to the terms and conditions when you applied for the loan. The terms and conditions included the charges on an overdue account. We can freeze your account at £255 and create a repayment plan for you. This will incur a 315 fee and will therefore make the total balance to be settled £270. Kind regards, Bongaloans Support http://www.bongaloans.com Call us on 08719860220 (calls charged at 10p/min)
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