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  1. im sorry you think like that i wanted to show the whole article but couldnt, never mind im sure you will all read it in the news papers soon,
  2. quietly privatised from 1st April 2013. The BMJ is doing the work that hardly any media organisation in the UK is doing – informing us of upcoming changes to the NHS in a clear
  3. maybe people should look at david ikes website he was called a nutter years ago but all he has said was true, he wasnt or isnt mad at all , he speaks the truth, our government is persicuting us all to bring us to our knees then when we riot marshall law will be brought in to control us, its worse than corrupt, when the jobless have to pay council tax come april watch what will happen then, the army will be brought in to control us its what the government want TO CONTROL US maybe then the british will stand together and fight back!!!
  4. Best get my will made and funeral sorted just in case, god help us all
  5. i love new years eve with the family, having fun and counting down to the new year lifes to short to sit about moaning, who knows this could be the last new year we spend together, who knows whats in store for any of us so i say again enjoy and wish 2013 a better year for us all
  6. i,m talking about the people who have never been sick just lie not disabled people!!, scroungers for want of a better word, its been going on for years people have claimed they have a bad leg then been filmed working or climbing over a wall, these are the scroungers and its got worse thats whythis has been done to get rid of the scroungers so the real disabled people can get the help they really need, and as said before on here if people are truly sick and disabled then they have no worry do they
  7. well there have been people saying their sick and claiming for years when really they should have been at work, but now they have been caught out and either their other halfs have been sent to work, its about time the government shook the NON sick from the REAL sick, now the real disabled will be left alone, imagine how much the government have saved on the work dodgers,
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