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  1. Apologies accepted. Every thing is compliant unfortunately. She is my neighbour and was having a very heavy haemorrhage due to feminine problems. I was driving her to A&E as quick as I could. I did not find my way into the A&E parking at first attempt so had to go round the block again. I did not know/see that it was prohibited. When she then was released I drove back from the same "position" hence made the same mistake. As I said it is completely my fault. I just hoped I could explain it or find a legal way out of the second one. Anyway, I'll pay it. Hopefully I won't re-offend soon.
  2. I think you need a good anger management course Sgtbush. Take care.
  3. Thank you Gick and BankFodder. I am afraid I will have to pay 130£ then. Have a good day.
  4. I clearly did not see the sign. Or I am dumb. But with only 1 penalty in 40 years I could stand a chance to explain it? I drive my car almost every day in London.
  5. Oh gosh! Any chance applies to "can't be fined twice in the same day for the same offence"? a friend told me something like that...
  6. Good morning. Few days ago I urgently drove my friend to A&E and I unawarely made a prohibited (right) turn. 40 minutes later I drove my friend back home and committed the same contravention. I didn't see the "no right turn" sign at all, so it is completely my fault. I could also add that the road was quite deserted (although I imagine is not an excuse). I am just checking with you if there is any possibility I can only pay it once. I am quite shocked as it is my second (and third) penalty charge in over 40 years. Not mentioning the costs!! Thanks for any help or suggestion. Have a good da
  7. Thank you Jacktheband, that's very useful to know and I really appreciate your support. Take care.
  8. Thank you Rebel11. If I won't receive any call back from RM, I will definitely write to Ms Clemes as you instructed me.
  9. Thank you Sequenci: precisely what I thought as we really acted in good faith about the length of the messages. On top, during one of our first phonecalls with EE, disputing the cost of the bill, we directly asked to the EE employee if the length of the message had anything to do with the overcharges and he said NO. I could prove it as EE should have our conversation recorded.. Meaning that this aspect was not clear even within the phone company employees.
  10. Rebel11 and Jacktheband thank you both for your answers. So what happened between the moment I started this thread and your response back to me: my husband received yet another phonecall from EE pressing for us to accept the offer of -180 Pounds on the bill. As we never had such problems with any supplier and we have an immaculate billing record, we are not used to be in such uncomfortable situation. Being concerned that EE would have disconnected the line whilst we were on holiday (abroad) he decided to accept the reduction and eventually paid the amount required (minus 180 pounds). Ba
  11. Good morning everyone. I would need your advice once more please. Last month my daughter went to Cuba for 1 month. I called EE and bought a bundle which allowed 108 texts and 52 minutes calls for the price of 8 pounds. Then one morning we realised our phones were set only on the "receiveing mode", unable to send texts or make phonecalls. We called EE and found out that we had a bill for 443 Pounds due to my daughter's texts. We checked with both her phone and the receiving ones and we saw that she sent only 45 texts altogether. After long and endless calls with
  12. Hello is anyone able to me help me with this please? I can't open their link. Shall I go ahead regardless the link or not? Only 5 secs passed between the first picture of me entering the junction and me exiting it. Thanks
  13. I have written to the Brent Council asking for the CCTV footage. They replied with a link where the video should be supposedly be posted, but the video doesn't open. I have tried writing them emails asking them to resend the image but with no lck. Can you please advise what should be done next? Any other email I tried sending in didn't work. On top it's clear from the 2 still pictures I received that only 5 seconds passed between my car entering and safely getting to the other side of the box junction. Thank you very much.
  14. I think I understand but can you explain it better? In my PCN is stated that " alleged contravention was noted by an enforcement officer who was observing real time pictures from a road side camera at the time stated". Doesn't this mean that it was recorded by a CCTV? What else could this has been? I assumed it was a CCTV....Thank you
  15. Dear Sailor Sam, the fact is that when I entered the box junction the traffic was moving, not fast but enough. Between me and the car in front of me there was the whole box junction, as I was at the very beginning of it (next to me there was still the footpath) and the other car was almost out of it. So the road was sort of "clear". I saw your link which I found extremely interesting but can't anything similar to my situation. Do you want me to attach the PCN with the pics? Thank you
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