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  1. Evening all... Just wondering, I got a car on finance on 19th December 2003. Over the past 2 years 9 months they have charged me £614 in penalties for late payments etc. RFS are a subsidiary of RBS. Funny how a car bought with £3749 of credit ended up costing £4363 on 0% interest with the biggest months charges costing more than the actual repayment! Do you think I should be able to claim these charges back too? Any advice on this would be much appreciated. Cheers, Andy
  2. RFS is a subsidiary of RBS. I am posting my preliminary approach for repayment tomorrow! Andy
  3. Morning All... Just checked the good old online banking and the money is in there! Not in the account that I asked them to put it in but there none the less! Result... Guess I need a mod to add Won to my heading and to add me to the grand total!!! Woo hoo!!! Cheers for all your help guys. A donation will be made shortly! Andy
  4. Just thinking, they only have until Monday to issue a defence otherwise I win by default don't I. How does this work since they have made an offer out of court?
  5. They took ages with my first letter... I sent all my info to my local branch FAO The Manager
  6. Just rang DG to find out what was happening. Debbie D'Aubney said "They would be in touch in a reasonable timescale by writing" and that "They would have to wait for further instruction from HSBC" as I didn't sign the confidentiality clause... Begining to wish I had just signed the confidentiality bit now!
  7. Not yet... They should have received acceptance letter on Monday.
  8. Oh no, confidentiality clause firmly rejected... A
  9. Just posted my letter... Should have claimed for all the recorded delivery charges too!!! Lol! So what will happen next, will I get an unconditional offer to sign or will they just put the money into my specified account? Whatever they do I hope they do it soon... Andy :twisted: :twisted:
  10. I wish... The better half has other plans!!! :-|
  11. Just about to send a letter to DG, can you cast your eyes over it and offer your advice/criticism: Thank you for your letter dated the 5th of September 2006. I wish to accept your offer of £xxxx.xx in full and final settlement of this litigation. Once the £xxxx.xx is paid into my account in full (acc no: xxxxxx xxxxxxxx) I will cease my court action against HSBC. If paid in full I will not pursue the additional charges added to my account and accrued interest since 12/05/06 as an act of goodwill. Yours faithfully
  12. OK. I will post that today. Not overly arsed about the £150... I may have just calculated something wrong...
  13. They submitted a defence on mine too. This gives them 28 days from the "Deemed served date" before you win by default instead of the standard 14. A
  14. So do I just sign and return their letter with the confidentiality bit crossed out? A
  15. Lucky for you, Deborah D'Aubney if out of the office until Monday 11th...
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