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  1. just an update, i found an old debt letter from aktiv kapital with a first national tricity finance account number on. ive rung G.E. money 08450704299 and they said santander bought the accounts and gave me a number 08715225151 which takes me to a company called newday they couldnt help and gave me the general number for santander and a lady gave me another number for newday 01732879900. As of yet im just going round in circles with that one as i dont know where to send a sar to. The black horse finance i have received my sar info
  2. hi just wondering if u have a current address for GE money as i had some finance with first national tricity finance and im looking to send a sar request. thanks
  3. hi ive been trawling the forums for any address or contact info for yes car credit but i cant seem to find where and how to start a claim for a vehicle i got in 2004. I have no paperwork just that it was a Y reg silver punto and my registered address. Black horse finance ive had a number of loans from over the years one of which I am still paying off via payplan, im just sending off the questionaire so watch this space. Welcome finance, i have just sent an email to them requesting an application form. I've had finance all my life s
  4. Hi [removed] ive been trawling forums and such. I got a vehicle from yes car credit in 2004 roughly and have seen lots of comments about the company but i cant find where and how to start with relevant address and such. I dont have any paperwork i can just remember i got a Y reg silver punto and my registered address at the time. I also remember having to get the gap insurance, mechanical breakdown. Any help on where to start would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi thanks for the reply ive just posted 2 sar letters 1 to barclays and 1 to black horse . As i was searching my letters i came across 6 loan and or finance agreements 1 of which even showed that as i payed 190 a month the interest was 105 approx, every month for the year. Will keep you informed and thanks again
  6. HI I currently have a barclays account and used to get lots of charges for insufficient funds in account and late payments £28 each i think. I dont think i have the statements any more can i still claim.On the Royal bank of scotland i cannot remember account numbers and was about 10 years ago, i used to get lots of accout charges and i had a mastercard with them that had ppi on it plus charges can i claim that or is it to long ago and if so how do i go about it with no account details etc . Thanks in advance
  7. Hi i have lots of old debts from first national tricity finance to The Royal bank of Scotland bank charges. I dont have any of the agreement numbers or account numbers . first national was 2 car finance packages 1 from yes car credit the other was a dealer . Royal bank used to charge me for being overdrawn or late payments about 40 pounds per time, the bank was about 10 years ago the cars about 6-8 years ago .I also had a credit card with RBS which i know had ppi on but i have no agreement details and was about 10 years ago as well. Any help would be much appreciated thanks
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