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  1. I have recently recieved an invitation to renew my car insurance with Oncalldirect, in the invitation it said that I would have a set monthly payment for 3 years. I contacted Onecalldirect to say I didn`t want to be tied into a 3 year contract but they assured me that at the end of each 12 months I would be free to shop around and take insurance with someone else if I wished. I accepted this but when I got home from work that evening I found a letter from a finance company regarding the car insurance, it was for a 36 month contract and instructed me to sign and return. I decided to do nothing, didn`t sign and didn`t return it. I phoned Oncalldirect the next day but couldn`t get through on the phone so emailed them to say I wouldn`t be renewing my inusurnce with them and that I had found another provider, I recieved an acknowledgement from them and so thought no more about it. That was about a month ago, I got home from work 2 days ago to find a letter from the finance company stating that I was in arrears with the finance and that I had 7 days to pay. I phoned them to ask why they had set up a finance agreement in my name without my authority. I was told that Oncalldirect had set it up in my name and was told I had to contact them. I then phoned them to ask what was going on and was told that I should have spoken to them on the phone to let them know I wasn`t renewing my car insurance with them and not by email, I explained the problem that I had had getting through on the phone which was why I emailed. They said that wasn`t a good enough reason but because I was still within the 14 day cooling off period that I would be able to cancel and that it would cost me £45.50 I argued my point and said there`s no way i`ll pay because I had let them know I wouldn`t be renewing. I got home from work again to find a letter saying that Oncalldirect had taken a debit card payment from my bank account on behalf of Creations Finance for the £45.50 and instructed me to set up a direct debit for future payments. I didn`t authorise that payment, Oncalldirect had my card details from my initial deposit made 12 months ago and used it to take this £45.50 without my knowledge. Are they allowed to do this. Sorry its long winded
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