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  1. Thank you for your reply. Yes, you are quite correct. I am indeed "a bit green about understanding certain things", That is why I am politely asking questions and seeking advice on this forum. Dibdob
  2. Hi Thanks for your response. It is not my intention to disregard your comments, for which I am grateful. However the letter from Lowell was phrased differently from others I have seen from them over the years. Comments such as ''may' and 'could' were not being made and Lowell were stating they 'intend' to take legal action. My concern was that in not responding to them by the deadline on the letter (22 Feb) then they would start legal proceedings and that would be a more complicated position to be in and defend - hence my CCA to them as Uncle Bulgaria suggested initially. It
  3. Hi I have now sent a CCA request to Lowell but since my last post I have read that Argos have been known to arrange for debts with Lowells to be transferred back to Card Services so they can recoup the debt themselves. Because of this I am concerned about sending an SAR letter to Argos and raising their attention. I did mention this in one of my previous posts but I am even more concerned now having read that they have a practice of buying the debts back from Lowell if it suits them. Do I need to contact Argos or should I wait for Lowell to respond to the CCA request? Thank
  4. Hi Uncle Bulgaria I appreciate I sound like a scared twit, sorry. Generally I'm a strong advocate for facing your fears but clearly I am also a hypocrite. It's just that I thought we had got past all the debt problems and this has just appeared out of the blue.
  5. Thanks So a CCA letter to Lowell on its own is not sufficient? Is the relevant date I need from Argos the date of last paymeant or the default date (if there is one) as have no real idea about this account to be honest.
  6. Thanks again. Would contacting Argos not be an acknowledgement that the debt exists and reset the clock if it's not statute barred?
  7. Thank you for your reply. There are no specific details of the Argos account so I am unclear how to contact them. The Argos card was held many years ago but cannot remember when and have no details of it any more. Am worried about contacting them and maybe stirring things up because of this. Does the fact that this does not appear on the credit file mean its statute barred?
  8. Hi Have received a pre-legal assessment letter from Lowell Financial Ltd apparently for Argos Card Services. It does not use the usual 'may' or 'could' comments and reads as follows: Having assessed our options we intend to take legal action to recover this debt if you do not contact us to agree a repayment plan. This debt does not appear on the credit file - not sure what to do in this situation. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Dibdob
  9. Hi 42 Man Thank you once again for your replies but the 2 links you have posted above seem to be identical - is that correct? Also, should I be sending an SAR now as only a CCA was sent before? Thanks
  10. Hi Could you please let me know what the various grounds are for having a statutory demand set aside? Many thanks
  11. I don't know is the answer to both of the posts above. Should I also be sending an SAR?
  12. Hi 42manYou asked in your post if the debt is statute barred and all I can say is that it does not appear on my credit reference.Does that help?Thanks
  13. 42 man Thank you for everything you have sent. With regard to the CCA, as I outlined in #62 above I CCA'd Lowell nearly 4 weeks ago and they have not responded. Do I need to send anything more to Lowells as a result of their failure to respond. Many thanks
  14. Hi 42man I would be very grateful for some guidance please as I am unsure what I should do now.
  15. Hi Jezzzard Thank you for your reply to my post. I too cannot believe that they are allowed to operate in this way, threatening people with bankruptcy and generally using bullying tactics. I would be interested to hear how you get on with your case and wish you every good luck
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