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  1. When I first got the court papers (sorry cannot remember the words for it all) I filled them in as firstly I wanted to know what the debt was as under the claimants name it meant nothing to me and secondly I knew I did not know anything to anyone. Supposedly the court did not get papers or ignored them (I do not know as I was not sent anything in between) and then the first CCJ arrived. I then called the court who told me I had to pay in a month and to call claimant to make payment. when i called them I told them I do not owe anything as I do not have any active debts and I was just told tha
  2. I have never made a payment towards the 6352 since it was sold on to a debt collection company in 2003 (I confirmed this was what happened with the loan company today). then in 2011 the first CCJ and now this second one. Last year I told them this was an old debt and I had never been contacted by anyone about it. Also I used to check my credit reports (for over 2 years) and this debt had never appeared and I have just signed up to them again and once again this debt does not show. the latest CCJ unfortanately does currently show but the bailiff office earlier told me today that it will
  3. no the CCJ's (well the first that i have seen) was not for arrears it stated that I owed £337. But I could not be in arrears as I have never even agreed to pay this debt to this company/companies until there was a CCJ and I had to pay the full amount. The history documentation on different sheets shows a loan figure of 6,352 dated 2003. then nothing until the next sheet states new debt created dated 2005 (26 months later) for 6352.23 then it shows court costs dated 18/04 2011 and then judgement costs 28/06/2011 then it shows my payment of £337 as the CCJ/court told me i h
  4. It is one and the same company as when i called the solicitor (as southend court told me to do this week) i got put through all these numbers and then to a woman who dealt with the first CCJ and she told me that yes this is a second one on the same debt (I just did not know how this was allowed and that it is not allowed). yes i paid the warrant this morning as i have spent days trying to get hold of bailiff and when they finally answered i asked if i could at least pay in installments as i have only had 5 days to get the money together and they told me it is too late for that as it has
  5. Hi I have posted this elsewhere but then came across this section and I think my problem is linked as the warrant had the claimant name arrow global and is related to a 2nd CCJ so the debt has been split. any help appreciated. i cannot post the link to my original thread properly so hope if you remove the spaces and change DOTS to dot link will work www dot consumeractiongroup dot co dot uk /forum/ showthread.php?346768-CCJ-and-Split-Debt&p=3801279#post3801279
  6. also the first CCJ was in the claimant name rockwell and the second CCJ (as listed on the warrant) is claimant name Arrow Global (once again with the same address) so two different claimant names but all for the one debt and both with the same solicitor and the same address
  7. No they are definitely two separate ones. The first CCJ was paid last July and when i called the court this week querying the warrant and what on earth the CCJ was it was dated January 2012 so most definitely a second one for the same debt and the paperwork the solicitors sent me which arrived today shows two lots added to the same debt and my payment in between. I have checked the solicitor and the name and address and phone number link to here as I already knew from last summer as i originally thought it was all dodgy but the court told me it was legitimate. elscole dot com but the p
  8. The 2nd CCJ I did not know about until the warrant arrived. I called the court instantly and was told who the company was (I had never heard of them) and was given the solicitors number. I asked the court why I was not told about the CCJ and they said they had told me and that if I want the paperwork again there is a charge so I do not know anymore than what the warrant said. Anyway when i got through to the solicitors (ie department of a debt company) and then through all the departments it is just the one debt which was a loan which i had last paid a payment towards in 2003. They hav
  9. and now I have had another read the solicitors letter states opening hrs on saturday which i am sure is not how solicitors normally run so am i still able to put in a complaint if they are not actually a solicitor (the bottom of the letter has a SRA no listed)
  10. Hello I would like some advice on how to put in a complaint about a solicitor/firm. I have read related posts in here and have realised from what I have read that the solicitor has acted illegally as they have so far got two CCJ's for the same debt (I have just paid the second one as I got a warrant of execution). this is the legal bit that i found in here: 35 divison of causes of action it shall not be lawful for any plaintiff to divide any cause of action for the purpose of bringing two or more actions in one or more of the county courts. I read in another post to contact th
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