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  1. Cheers ims21 I am planning on doing the same on other cards I had/have (inc store cards - I am a paperwork hoarder!!) and will use the spreadie on them all! Much appreciated!
  2. Hi I've been following a number of threads on PPI claims - wasn't sure if it was worth it or that I'd back down against the corporates, but really heartening to see the advice and support on CAG, so here I go- just joined, first post! I had an Associates card, which was bought over by Citi and I read somewhere, now taken over by SAV....can anyone tell me where I should send correspondence? Also, as I have all my statements, I was just going to use the FOS template questionnaire to make my claim (fully expect it to get chucked back at me)...is this the best way to do this? I don't think I need anything else from them like a SAR do I? Thanks!
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