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  1. thanks HB, I haven't given this info as yet for this reason
  2. hi dx, which bit is correct? yes when she rang she said I stayed there with my boyfriend and quoted my name. there was no proof I had stayed there, someone had said that they had seen me +1 at the hotel on a given date. when she has rang up she was looking to confirm that I had actually booked and the hotel provided this confirmation. bit of a surprise as a result when wife confronts me saying "you booked into this hotel yesterday didn't you?"
  3. thanks for the advice, lesson learnt don't worry I just thought if the room was booked under mr smith, when a female calls up and misrepresents themselves, the hotel surely is not obliged to pass on any details in relation to booking? I would have thought they should have said "i cant confirm any details in relation to this unless it is to the person who made the booking"?
  4. im not asking for judgement on my actions I am well aware if this thank you. more on the action of the hotel
  5. Just a query really, my wife had suspected I had stayed at a hotel with another woman, as someone had seen us leave and had told her. A friend of hers then rang the hotel claiming to have stayed there with me on the given date and "may have left an item in the room, the receptionist has then asked for the name on the booking (mine only) and then stated yes "my name" and confirmed the date of stay along with "yes room number XYZ I will go and have a look for your item. The receptionist has confirmed my stay and also my room number without consulting me. this has had massive im
  6. My name is X and I am a Director of Company It has been brought to my attention, company has been incorrectly paying you rent exceeding £sum since June 2015. I have read with interest the email conversations you had with Z, an employee of company, back In May 2015. Seemingly she emailed you in error. Unfortunately she misspelt the intended email address and ended up with you. Consequently you found an opportunity to assume the identity of one of our landlords, who happens to share your surname and initial, to steal his rent payments. You will appreciate you have dishonestly st
  7. Thanks Bazza. What do you suggest I send in reply to their email?
  8. Hi all, an update. I have successfully been in touch with the director of the company. Long and short they had realised the monies had gone to the non intended individual. They have asked for our proposals for returning the money, they have requested that this is dealt with with mr personally as a they say that if the matter is dealt with through the police and prosecution then they are unlikely to get any compensation. We have no issue returning the money, but what is stopping the company getting the monies back from my son then notifying the police? How could we reach an agreement
  9. That is definitely his next course of action. The other thing that has just occurred to me is when my son replied the emails would have come through from his name rather than that of the possible intended. So although the company sent it to an email address the reply would have come back from "John Smith" with the possible intended being Jack Smith?
  10. Hi steam, I can assure you he has no intention of spending it the sum has been building up now for 14 months and he hasn't spent a penny. He has just given me the email address for the company and it is from a @yahoo.com email address which I find strange for a company?
  11. Thanks all. I suppose the only hope is that the individual who sent the emails and dealt with this has deleted the emails to cover their tracks and save their back side, just with it being 2 months since they have made a payment and no news wrong his bank or the company this just seems like an excessive amount of time. I will certainly take you advise and contact the bank and the company tomorrow. I don't suppose playing ignorant and saying he didn't send the emails would work would it. I know he's obviously still received the monies but would willingly give this back?
  12. Ok thanks for the effort on your reply. If he can't get back in touch through to the company by replying to their email should he contact his bank and make them aware?
  13. BazzaS what would be your suggested course of action? Thank you
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