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  1. Hi thanks all for the info. ericsbrother, do you know of anywhere that I can find the sizing guidelines?
  2. Hi Stu007, thank you for that information. I will help my friend draft a letter to the council. She is a lovely person but not so great at dealing with things like this.
  3. Hi, I have a friend who is living in a two bedroomed council flat. It is quite a small flat and the second room is only just big enough for bunk beds to fit in it. She has 2 teenage daughters. The council has just told her that they have brought in new rules which means that she is losing her addition transfer points because they no longer class a single room as overcrowding when 2 kids share it. Does anyone know if the council can do this and/or if there are national regulations for the acceptable size of a room etc? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi All, just to update you all. I have just gotten an email from POPLA, they have agreed that the ticket should be cancelled. Yayyyy. Thank you all for your help and advice. Especially NevMet, who helped by writing the POPLA appeal letter for me. This site and the people giving advice on it are great
  5. Sorry I have been busy this week and only just had a chance to get on here after seeing an email that said there are new comments on this post. I have not had a decision from POPLA yet, of course as soon as I do I will update this thread to let anyone who is reading it know how I got on. Fingers crossed, ay
  6. Hi all, thanks again for all the advice. What Nev Met says about reporting it to DVLA makes a lot of sense. Perhaps if we complain more about companies like Civil Enforcement they may eventually be banned. They are practically stealing peoples money. I will keep everyone posted on the outcome of this thanks
  7. Hi all, thanks for all of the advice. I have not had chance to get on here for a couple of days, please don't think I have been ignoring you. [ATTACH=CONFIG]44980[/ATTACH] This is the ticket we received. I hope it has come out clear enough.
  8. Hi, the date I parked in the car park was 29th May and the ticket was sent on 14th June. I have written to CEL on behalf of my dad saying I was not the driver and admit no liability. I wrote to the sports centre using the advice ren gave me about ignoring the ticket.
  9. Thank you Homer. I was thinking about telling them it was me driving but I didn't want to give them ammunition! I am quite lucky as my dad is cool with it. I explained it all to him and he is happy to follow the advice that I have gotten on here. Thanks.
  10. Just a quick update to let all those who have helped me know, I have finally sorted this with the council and they now agree that this should not be classed as a bedroom. I am very happy to be able to stay in my home and not have to pay extra rent thanks to those who gave me advice.
  11. Hi Ren, thank you for your reply. I will write to the sports centre. They must take some kind of responsibility as the machines you have to enter your car reg in is inside their building. I do wonder if anyone has ever paid the fine and then taken Civil Enforcement to court for a refund? They do not offer any kind of dispute in their demand for payment.
  12. Hi all, thank you for reading this. I parked at my local sports centre where you have to enter your car reg into a computer to get 3 hours free parking. I am pretty sure I did this but not absolutely certain. Today I got a fine from Civil Enforcement Ltd for £150 (£75 if I pay within 14 days). Trouble is I was using my dads car, so he got the fine. I have read the sticky thread about these types of fines, but I wanted to check that they are still unenforceable as it was posted over a year ago. I am more worried because this fine was sent to my dad and I don't want hi
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