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  1. No reply after first letter, but have now received a settlement offer of £2000 after letter before action. I will accept as part payment, but will still file a claim next week for full amount. Vera
  2. Fabby, thanks. Already done the survey and donated a percentage.
  3. Capital One today transferred the money into my account... yipee! Now I have to write to the court to cancel the court action. Does anyone have a template letter for this? I can't find one in the bank templates section. Thanks.
  4. No, the account won't be paid off... another approx. £500 to do that. But that doesn't worry me... It was my intention anyway to pay the account off and then close it!
  5. Don't worry, that just means that they are buying time, another 14 days! They are more than likely to pay up just before it gets to the hearing! Just wait it out!
  6. Yes, I thought I'd get a little bit of practice before going for the big kill... ha ha... And with a bit of luck, that money will come through just in time for Christmas.
  7. I have today sent off the preliminary letter to HSBC claiming £3265 back. The clock is ticking once again...
  8. Hi Martin, thanks. Have already filled in the survey (as I did when I won full settlement with HSBC Visa) and donated a percentage of my "win" too! I have now sent off the preliminary letter to HSBC re my current account claiming over £3000 back! Vera
  9. Offer for FULL REFUND received today! £405 will soon be in my account and a percentage of this donated to this site.
  10. Capital one has now acknowledge the claim... I also sent a letter back today accepting the offer as part settlement, but I would pursue legal action for full amount.
  11. Got a letter from Cap One yesterday, claiming that they had not received any previous letters (yes, they have, they were sent recorded and were signed for at their address!). They have offered me about half of what I was claiming for... nope, matey, claim is already filed and issue with MCOL, but I would not have accepted that anyway. I guess the next letter will be acceptance for full refund. Vera
  12. Got my money back a week after default judgment. Just over £77 have been paid into my account today... as yet, haven't got a letter from them yet though... LOL
  13. Claim now issued by the court and the 14-day deadline running...
  14. Just a list of charges with the Preliminary letter and the Preaction letter, no need to send list of charges again when filing a claim at the court.
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