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  1. I'll try and keep my story brief! for my birthday last year (June 2011) my parents gave me some money towards a 2nd hand car. i found the "perfect" one online and went to see it with my elder brother. everything seemed to be fine with it so i paid a deposit and waited for him to finish some cosmetic work on it (eg- upholstery cleaning etc). i was told the car was a Cat C or D (i cant quite remember) but basically there was damage to the side of the car which i was told was superficial and it had been repaired with no visible signs. i paid for the car and after a few weeks of driving
  2. thanks for your replies, im feeling a little calmer about the whole incident now. when i appealed to them i didnt provide my address, i just gave my email address for any replies so hopefully thatll save me some time before the letters start arriving. ill ignore them and update if anything else happens thanks everyone!
  3. Hi, im new to all this so any advice would be appreciated. i received a civil parking notice last month by car parking partnership as id parked on hatched marking for approx 5 mins. my dad is registered disabled and all the bays were taken up, some by people who werent even displaying a blue badge! as he is unable to walk very far i had to park up close to the entrance (although i was not obstructing anyone and there were a few other cars parked up there) and guide him in before moving my car to a suitable place. i displayed his blue badge in the window while i was gone. when i returne
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