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  1. I think I am worried about the comments on the letter about writing to the credit rating agency's as well. I need a clean rating at the moment for remortgaging purposes.
  2. Hello Everyone I have like many other people received a letter from EOS stating they are acting for a company ( Claims Guys )to retrieve money owing. ( I now have two) I have gone through the complaints procedure with the claims guys and told them I am very happy to go to court after they told me they would be sending me a CCJ through the post. I have now ignored there phone calls, to which end they have engaged the services of EOS. I need help with the following: 1. I have never refused to pay the Claims Guys, I have simply stated I have paid them fully for there bad service and will not pay any more money, especially as I followed there own complaints procedure and they did not... happy to meet them in court. 2. How do I handle EOS since I have had nothing to do with them, and no one had the courtesy to let me know my contact detail were being passed on to a DCA, when as I stated above the Claims guys know I want them to take me to court and have no leg to stand on. Please Help
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