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  1. i don't have a contract, never signed one, never received one. My account application was refused.
  2. I am a sole trader with the account in my birth name T/A and my understanding is that I am classed as an 'individual' • consumer credit agreement: an agreement between an individual (the “debtor”) and any other person (the “creditor”) by which the creditor provides the debtor with credit not exceeding £25,000. • individual: includes a partnership or any other unincorporated body of persons not consisting entirely of bodies corporate. • consumer credit business: any business so far as it comprises or relates to the provision of credit under regulated consumer cr
  3. Hi Freakyleaky Thank you for your welcome. I have posted it here.....it wont let me post a link yet. Its in the debt forum under legal issues titled.... 'courts jurisdiction over creditors court claim' Hope this is the right place, although I'm sure admin will move it if it's not.
  4. that's what I said I was doing but thanks for the welcome anyway.
  5. Hi Amazing place you have here, full of information. I was wondering if I could have a little feedback on a pressing issue I currently have. I received a court claim from screwfix direct ltd for an outstanding balance on a trade account. A little background info. I applied for a trade account on-line with screwfix direct (trading as Trade UK) in 2010. This application was declined (I have the email stating this). Now being a small start up business, (sole trader) money was tight and I was finding it difficult in trying to make it a success for my family. Some time later (i
  6. A big hello to everyone. loads of good info on here. I do have a pressing issue I would like a little feed back on if it's possible. I will try and post it in the right thread Again ... a big Hello
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