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  1. Hi all In short, my Fibromyalgia wife got her 15 point at tribunal after failed WCA and put in WRAG group. We did request support group and had good reasons for this on Reg 35(b).The first tribunal's decision was that: "We cannot see, however, how being asked to attend the occasional job focused interview could constitute a serious risk to the appellant's physical or mental health" I replied to the first tier Tribunal to ask for a change of mind or permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal. I included a supporting report from my GP who supported our view. Their statement of reasons
  2. Hi All, I really hope someone can help me here. My attendance in work has been irregular over the last year and a half. My employer sent me an SSP1 form saying they couldn't pay me SSP from Jan 2012 and have started claiming ESA from March 2012. However I returned to work for a couple of weeks after Jan and had another SSP payment from work in May 2012. I phoned HM Revenue last week to renew my tax credit's and told them my occupational pay will cease in August 2012 but will still be on the books (they are keeping my job open for me until Jan 2013 thankfully due to ill-health). Anywa
  3. Thanks for that info Becky2585, The statement: 'Reasonable adjustments are primarily concerned with enabling the disabled person to remain in or return to work with the employer. Matters such as consultations and trials, exploratory investigations and the like do not qualify as reasonable adjustments'. does not sit well with my request but as you say it is still worth suggestiong. Kind regards, Jeff.
  4. Hi LBruk, I don't think the 'maternity' issue will warrant sex discrimination as maternity leave is legislation and bound in law. Although if they argue that my position could not be filled in my absence, then the 'maternity' element would be in my favour as maternity cover is fairly common in employment. Hi becky2585 Sabbaticals are fairly common at my workplace but only for academics (which I am not) to further their career. Within the Equalities and Human rights Commision good practice guides, they state as an employer: · You do not have to pay sick pay beyond what you norm
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply, i've checked this but as it's an educational organisation, sabbatical is only available to further or enhance your professional career or carry out research to provide an outcome relevant to your area of academic field, so that wouldn't apply to me. Regards, Jeff.
  6. Hello, I have worked for a large organisation for 9 years. 4 years ago I developed a neurological condition which has since caused me chronic absenses from work. My occupational health department has deemed my condition as likely to be a disability and has advised Human Resources that I be treated under DDA. I have spent the last few years trying various medications to no avail. Subsequently, I am due to have brain surgery to treat my refractory condition which should likely improve my symptoms sufficiently to return to work at least on a half-time basis. The surgery is likely to be this yea
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