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  1. Hello! When I've checked my policy it seems to state that the policy is only valid for 5 years yet I've been paying the bloody thing since 1996!! Could this be right?...........cassie
  2. I applied for SAR back in July; received it beginning of January! & it didn't contain ALL relevant info. It seems that they are more than a little inefficient - especially with our money!!
  3. My PC keeps switching itself off - something to do with hardware fault. Should I get an engineer out or can I fix it myself. Any help would be appreciated cos I'm getting really frustrated with it and may do it some fatal harm if it doesn't pack it in!!......cassie
  4. hellhasnofury - sorry for not getting back to you until now! Grounds for not paying - i am covered by work and their exclusions would apply to me. Further loan - I 'topped-up' my original loan by taking a further advance. This resulted in a new agreement being sent to me and effectively cleared the original loan and the balance given to me (does that make sense?), so thetop-up amount applied for was reduced to clear the original debt. Incidently, the SAR does not include the original loan details - surely, by law it should? Can I claim back the late payments as being excessive?
  5. I have been trying to resolve a mis sold PPI with Black Horse since July 07 without any luck. I originally requested S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) in July, they cashed my cheque in August but I had to write to them becaue it didn't turn up; I eventually got it in January 08! I have written to them again and asked (again) for the payments to cease but to date they are still continuing to collect. I am busy trying to calculate how much I should claim - can I claim 8% interest on the PPI? if I took out a further loan should I reclaim the full amount of the original PPI as this woul
  6. I still haven't heard back from BHF! I've now written a letter advising them that I've been mis-sold and want the whole amount + interest refunded. I've also asked for an explanation as to why they've failed to provide SAR even though they've cashed the cheque!(blideylittlebuggers!) I really get the feeling they are ignoring me. BTW - does anyone have the correct address to post to?.........cassie
  7. The cheque I sent for SAR was cashed on 15 Aug but still haven't received anything from Blackhorse. What do I do now?
  8. Hello hellhasnofury Thanks for responding... I'm getting ready to post today. I missed a couple of payments early on in the agreement. It will be interesting to see what they've charged me! I don't know if I should go ahead now and cancel the policy or wait for their response. What do you think?............cassie
  9. My mum suffered from Alzheimers too; she died in March. There are organisations that can help you; The Alzheimers Assoc and Carers Assoc were both very helpful to me. There should be a local branch somewhere near you. Contact them and they will deal with your individual case for you - I know people are very kind and give their advice but it is a minefield trying to deal with NHS Trusts. There are differences in nursing care - some HAVE to be funded as hospital care and therefore you don't pay. Find out which would apply to you!..........Hope it works out for you...................cassie
  10. Rang BHorse for address to send SAR and letter of complaint. The address they've given me is different to the one on the one here. Theyve given me - Written Complaints Handling Unit Holbrook House 116 Cockfosters Road BARNET Herts EN4 0DY
  11. Haven't been on here for a while because I've been nursing my mum who was suffering from Alzheimers. Sadly, she died in March and I'm now trying to get my life back on track, starting with my finances. While sorting through all my paperwork I came across my agreements with Black Horse Finances. I rang them to see how much I owed on a loan I took out in July '99 for £13500.00. I nearly swallowed the 'phone when she said I still owed over £11k!! Double take - I've been paying a loan at £180.14 each month for 8 years and only paid off around £2500!! After further investigation this is w
  12. PS - I want a logo too!!.....ella
  13. Oh Dear! I wish I could help! Someone on here is bound to give you some good advice but failing that maybe you should seek help from CAB.....ella
  14. stu - i thought about doing that but thought that may prejudice the rest of the claim. Am I wrong? I suppose I'm trying to show that I can be reasonable! (or a very stupid mare!) Think I'll reduce my offer to £6!............ella
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