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  1. Thank you for your replies. My weekly ticket was between Benfleet and Limehouse but I was travelling between Wickford and Stratford. One is c2c the other is Greater Anglia. I don't have the ticket still as it was last year but it will be linked to my travel card I presume if this is the case?
  2. It is the Byelaw one. Will this show up on a CRB check or do I have to declare this when starting a new position? I'm a contractor and move jobs every year or so and I will be CRB checked for every job.
  3. Thank you for your quick replies. This is why I didnt give it much of a thought. Had no idea it would be this serious. I guess I need to go to the CRB and find out then. Dread.
  4. I am new to this but had a similar experience last year. I had a weekly ticket that covered me on a paralel train line. One day within that week i was travelling on a different train line and purchased a ticket for a single journey. I got stopped at a station and asked to show my ticket. I had lost the single journey ticket between the beginning of my journey and the end desitnation. Paid cash for it so no proof of purchase, I showed the inspector my ticket which coevered me for the paralel line which I thought may get me through. Instead he said he would be sending it off for the transport people to decide. I didnt hear anything until a letter came through stating that I had 2 weeks to reply and state whether or not i was guilty or not guilty. I was goign to be on holiday when the court appearance came up so I jsut did it by mail thinking I would just get a fine. The fine came through abt £200, I paid it and thought that was it. No mention of a criminal record. I work in finance and having read this post am now terrified that I actually have a criminal record as stated in this post? Is there any way I can appeal against this after the decision has been made, I have never been in trouble with the law before and this will compeletly ruin my career for such a stupid mistake. Is there any help or have I actually ruined my life?
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