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  1. The out of court settlement letter from DVLA did say I had a right of appeal. I wrote one, much of it copied and pasted in to my original post. I made a genuine mistake and had no idea that I would be clamped. I just wanted to legally get my wifes car fixed MOT'd and taxed. I even had it towed so that I would not be breaking any laws on the way to the mechanics. Quite honestly we're not all that well off and struggle to make ends meet anyway. A fine of this magnitude would have dire consequences should it be enforced. So lets say for arguments sake I am in the wrong, what should I do
  2. Mmmm, I think the council may well pay for the upkeep of the carpark. So now what? I still am unsure of why I received no reply to my appeal?
  3. I am unsure if where the car was parked was public. I assumed being a carpark in a residential area it was private, but I guess this is a bit of a grey area.
  4. Yes Crem, you are quite correct, this was broken down as part surety fee and I did produce a valid tax disk within the same month. Would this not mean that I would be covered for that month from the beginning?
  5. The car was parked awaiting towing, in what I thought were private garages, before this time it was kept on my private driveway. I was unable to get the tax before I had a valid MOT and I took it to the mechanic as the cheaper option than a garage (LOL), so I guess what happened was unfortunate for me but nonetheless now done... I don't understand why did they ignore my letter of appeal? I would have paid the out of court to avoid a huge fine looming over me. I tried to appeal to their better nature to be honest I didn't even receive a response, just a summons... Should have known be
  6. Hi, First of all thanks for reading my woes with the DVLA. I will try and condense the information down as much as I can but it is a little long winded, so here goes. The vehicle I am writing about was correctly declared SORN since June 2011 and for the most part sat untouched on a private driveway. On December 12th 2011, I started a new job and although we struggled with one car for this month it was decided we should get the secondary car back on the road. I work shift hours and my wife works part time core hours so a secondary car was absolutely necessary. The vehicle in
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