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  1. So i'm pretty much powerless to do anything about it? Will i have to accept the new contract to continue with the company?
  2. Hi, Recently I got a new job in the company where I worked. This involved a payrise and I had to sign a new contract. The company produced a contract (Contract A) which listed the number of hours as 40, and the pay as 20k/ year. No problem with that and I accepted the contract and dropped it off in person to the HR department. The company had signed the contract already, and my signature made it valid. I had a copy to keep which the company also signed. Out of the blue, I received another contract (Contract B) in the post listing the numbers of hours as 38 and the pay as 23k. The com
  3. Hi, I recently received an employment contract for a new job that starts in May. There are a number of terms which concern me, so I'd just like some advice/ opinions on them. I've listed the terms that I have concerns over with my thoughts. I'm not really sure if these are standard or common? In some cases just clarification will be enough. I realise that I may be seen as picking at things, but I want to know what i'm getting into. Here I go: 1) "The first 6 months of the appointment shall be a probationary period and the appointment may be terminated during this period at any
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