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  1. hi i've got a natest overdraft limit of £2,100. i have used it in full, then interest pushed it over £2,100 on 14 Sep, since then £6 per day charges have clocked it up even more and still to this day now. i switched my wages from work to another bank 6 months ago, then somehow successfully applied for £2k natwest overdraft in May, all to pay for my old payday loans. i might just pay a few hundred quid to get it to £1900 or something and out of the £6 a day danger zone... but also ideally im thinking off going in the branch ask for my account to be closed and freeze the £6
  2. thanks for the help, much appreciated, i have no overdraft facility, i bank with barclays.
  3. my wages go into my savings out, online i would transfer it 12.01 to my current if i was to pay the loan. theres a preiod between 12am and 1am/ 2am ish that allows this, they are ripping me off by £160 but what do i do. dont pay it and the dispute will go on for months and months and the £160 grows to £500... dont think i need the grief to be honest...
  4. Having a look at the pdf copy of the contract (part shown below) . oringal loan £305 took out on 21 march. top up £75 on 27 march. amount due on 21 april £693.54 madness, but my own fault as what the contract says "goes". so you reckon i should pay £693.54 and put it down as lesson learnt? Amount of Credit: £498.95 Duration of Agreement: 24 days Total Amount Payable: £693.54 to be repaid in a single payment on the 20/04/2012 (the "Payment Date") APR: 14914.3% Due Date: 20/04/2012 Percentage: 39% Other Financial Information
  5. hi i got a £305 payday loan out with capital finance one. Then I got an email saying i have available credit available to top up the loan. so i took it , £75, this brings loan to £380. their interest rate is 39%. so original loan = £[email protected] 1.39%= £423.95 due top up loan £75 @ 1.39 = £104.25 however they are saying the amount due iS £693.54 I work out the amount due as £528.2 (£423.95 plus £104.25) do i have a leg to stand on? i stupdily didn't read the top up contract as i was so desperate for the £75, didn't think payday loans can rip you off in this way. can
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