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  1. Thanks again for your response, he reported it lost, but he didn't get a replacement he bought a whole new ticket on a whole new photo card, apparently you have to when there is less than a week to run - it was only a weekly or monthly ticket anyway that is why I thought I could use it as it wasn't a season ticket. We have absolutely no intention of trying to say the ticket was lost.
  2. Hi and thanks everyone for the responses. I Idid show them my husbands photo card, it was behind his oyster card, which I had put money on via pay as you go earlier, that is why it was not at the front. . I think that from what everyone has said, and the fact that it is strict liability, I am probably guilty The fact is I did intend to use his card, the fact I didn't think it was an offence is seemingly irrelevant. He did not ask me for any ID, but he did ask me if I had a photo card myself, which I said I did have one at home. This is true although I doubt I could find it. My husband bu
  3. I went to London today and used my husbands railcard, I thought that it wasn't a problem as it was a paid ticket. When the ticket inspector came around he asked for the photo card, I immediately said that it belonged to my husband. I offered to buy a ticket, but couldn't find my money in time as we were pulling into my stop. The ticket man said he was confiscating the ticket and asked for my name, which I wrote down for him, he told me to leave the train at the next stop, which I was going to do anyway. My husband does not know I used his card, obviously I will tell him. The ticket man said
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