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  1. I can pay it back thats no problem. Just need a loan cause I don't have the money now. Any idea how long it takes to get one, I have my eye on a place that is very convenient for me/work?
  2. Well it would be North Herts council where I would need the loan for, though moving from South Cambs. Is it not done through job centre?
  3. Hi everyone. I have been given 3 weeks notice where I liev at the moment and need to move ASAP. I have seen a place for rent that is suitable but I do not have the total bond plus one months advance rent. I need to raise £625 to cover the rent in advance basically. Could I get a crisis loan to do this? I work full time just don't have the full deposit. If I find nowhere to live I will be homeless. Any help appreciated.
  4. Well finally got a reply but they got the wrong end of the stick and said I was denying a levy ever took place (which is wrong) and therefore it is a matter for the courts to decide. Took them 3 months to come to this incorrect conclusion. Now I'll have to correct them on this and wait another 3 months I guess.
  5. Well I'm awaiting back a letter from the Ombudsman. It's been about 6 weeks since I opened the case. Apparently they have written to me after contacting the council. Haven't bothered to speak to me in person about it. Should get info back soon.
  6. It is Dacorum Borough Council. Today I phoned ombudsman and emailed them all my letters and the replies from the council. The woman I spoke to saidI had to follow the councils complaints procedure and asked if any of the letters told me how to escalate the complaint. Double checking the letters before I sent them to her, NONE of the letters mention any form of complaints procedure at all. Now I will wait to see what the ombudsman comes back with.
  7. Hi. The council has never said anything anout me taking my complaint to a stage 2 process. I didn't know there was a process. I thought it was for a judge to decide now and that was my only option (any one I cannot afford as I don't have £200 at the moment). I will write a letter and enclose all previous letters and send to the ombudsman then I guess. Will also try to dig out those articles TT suggested.
  8. As far as I am aware the employer is breaking the law if they stop paying the AOE order. Besides I have been arguing it so long that it is nearly all paid, the original debt is paid in full by the AOE and I only have another £120 to pay in total which means including the unlawful bailliff fees I have already paid too much. I have no control over the bailiff being paid these unlawful fees. That is why I need to take it to court. The regulation 46 complaint costs me £200, I will obviously be seeking this back with the unlawful fees and damages. I ha
  9. In my first letter to the council that was met with a reply from the bailliff via the council, the bailiff says (and this letter is dated 28/3/2012): "The levy has never been abandoned, we have continued to actively pursue it. We do not have to have a Walking Possesion Agreement in place or remove the seized items for the levy to still be active. We would respectfully refer you to the case of Susan Evans vs South Ribble Borough Council (1991), in which, the then Mr Justice Simon Brown, rejected the suggestion that 'the only effective impounding of goods, absent a close or walking posses
  10. The email I got from the bailiff company states that the bailiff revisited on 08/07/2011 and this is the date that the van fee was added.
  11. OK the cars - one 1997 Peugeot 2nd hand price approx £200, the other probably £800. Both taxed, mot'd. Both privately owned. The AOE is to the bailiffs not to the council. I don't know why the council didnt do it themselves they have never answered this question. The letters that I sent to the council outline the fact that they are 100% responsible for the bailiffs fees but the reply I got a few days ago from their heah finance director guy was that the fees are between me and the bailiff and nothing to do with them. There was never any payment plan in place or agreed. I was never charg
  12. Oh I forgot to mention that NO walking possesion agreement was ever signed and no bailiff ever entered my home, so this is why I think the £180 van fee is unlawful.
  13. The council tax plus court costs were £1810. The notice of seizure of goods left on 17/02/2011 lists a levy fee of £74 and a Head H fee of £24.50. The inventory of goods seized lists two cars (which we own) that were parked outside. I asked for the bailiff for a statement and it shows the fees above but also on 08/07/2011 they have added another £180 for van/abortive removal fees. Now the bailiff did return and I spoke to him around that time, but nothing was taken. After that, probably in August the bailiff company (Bristow & Stutor) obtained an attachment of earning order fo
  14. I had a council tax debt. No goods were ever removed but a levy occured on two cars. The cars were never taken away. Nothing was ever removed. I have been chared £74 for the levy, £24.50 Head H fee and £180 van/abortive removal fee. The levy occurred in April 2011. In September 2011 the bailiff company took out an attachment of earnings which I have nearly finished paying. However, I am sure the bailiff fees are unlawful. No goods were removed so there should be no Head H fee, no walking possesion was signed so there should be no van fee. I have written to the CEO of the council and t
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