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  1. This might be of interest. https://confidentials.com/manchester/the-manchester-car-park-disgrace-with-expensive-ramifications-for-the-city
  2. Oh, doesn't that part of your lease (pic 2) make you a member of the management. company? Order UKPC to back off.
  3. But you have a paper trail, they have refused to consider your appeal and already passed it on to DRiP. Also, where did the NTK only give you 14 days to appeal? UKPC are BPA members who give 28 days.
  4. If you look at the bottom of that letter you'll see it says zenith is drp wearing a different skirt. Ignore, ignore and then ignore some more.
  5. The first line reads, "We have been instructed by ZZPS..." so its just another threatogram, Ignore.
  6. So you told unethical no keeper liability, drp tried it on for £136 then Gladys tried for £160 and you told them where to go. 2 years later drp have a memory lapse and get their cross dressing office person to send a zzps letter asking for £130. What a tangled web they try to weave. I've been ignoring drp for about 2 years so do the same.
  7. You need to take that image down quick, you've left all your personal details on it. Plus dont say "I" say "the driver"
  8. If the charge was for leaving the site, parking on southgate park then going to Mcds it can't be anpr. Must be attendant with camera. "Failure to mitigate" attendant should have warned you. Also "you will be required to pay the full amount" nope, popla only binding on the ppc.
  9. So here we are just about the 2nd anniversary of this thread and nothing been heard since the Dr+ letter. My co. still don't understand the difference between LA penalty and ppc invoice so keep the paperwork for 4 more yrs, happy days
  10. Have you got a pic showing the windscreen ticket? Just to compare the pics when the ntk arrives. Should be interesting to see how they avoided your BB.
  11. Well, I don't know how important this might be but the postcode on the NTK is nowhere near the sports centre unless you like a long walk before and after training. Heritage Gate seems to be the name of the housing development not a street name. Street view doesn't show any parking signs at all except some parking bays individually marked as 'visitor parking' but no restriction signs.
  12. This really feels like one of those places where the tail wags the dog. Would be interesting to see what the other businesses say about parking. If you spend 2hrs in the gym then you're not allowed to visit any other business on the site because the ppc says so?
  13. Not a fine and not a penalty. If you appealed the ntk within 28 days of receiving it then they're talking BS. Also another case regarding a wheel touching the white line was thrown out when the judge ruled that the line was part of the bay. Sorry can't remember the details.
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