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  1. Im having the same problem and saying I owe over 2000 for a 400 loan. They now saying I need to pay it in full my tomorrow. Like yourself I cant afford, currently on job seekers. How on earth do I go about trying to set up a payment plan or what not or who do I contact for help? :/
  2. Right okays. Think I know what I am doing though I will keep you informed!
  3. Ok. Also how will I save my emails I sent to them if its via there website? :S (me and technology dont go!) I will sned an email now asking for a full break down and post it here soon as I recieve a reply. Yeah I know, Why have they not been proper outed out yet?
  4. OK. Shall I send it to the same form thing on the NDR website? As I dont have a concrete email for them :S Yeah apparently those charges are due to the fact 'i havent been in contact' and are more fees of some sort. which is rubbish cause I have been and I kept getting the automated email of 'we cannot do a payment plan'. Should I start paying them the amount I can afford? Sorry for all the questions Im just sooo stressed and not got a clue on how to go about this!
  5. Yeaah most of there emails are automated. And dont worry, I havent and dont plan to give them any of my personal details. So what would be my best steps now to take? Like in regards of paying and stuff like that? Im totally clueless (and stupid for taking it out!)
  6. Okay I emailed through the NDR Debt Revcovery website and i got this back within seconds: Thank you for emailing us. Unemployment It is advisable that during this period you stay in regular contact with your Creditors to avoid extra penalty fees. We are sympathetic to your situation. At the time you took out the loan you were expecting payment from saas on 06.02.12. In order for us to help it is important that we establish that the loan was taken with accurate information and that your subsequent loss of employment can be substantiated. Please send: 1. a copy of your P45 as well as a copy of your redundancy 2. proof of any income support and / or benefits you receive 3. the maximum* amount you are able to pay 4. how regularly* you will be able to pay this We will also now contact your employer to confirm your redundancy in the event that these documents are not rec ieved and/or the loan is not settled in full. The total amount you owe is GBP 1100. Please note: - WE WILL NOT be able to accept any payment plan until YOU have provided us with this information. - that any inconsistency discovered will be REPORTED to the relevant authorities and make you INELIGIBLE for a payment plan. * depending on what you can pay we may be able to stop legal and recovery fees being added to your file and stop any adverse credit. If you are not able to make such payments then we will have no choice but to pass your file to third party Recovery Agents who will visit your home to discuss the debt. This will incur further fees and impact your credit file. We look forward to hearing from you TODAY on 0843 381 0843 to achieve a speedy and cost effective resolution to this matter. Remember payments can be made by visiting our webiste Yours sincerely, ANTI-FRAUD NORTHERN DEBT RECOVERY 0843 381 0843 I told them I wasnt properly employed, as I was only helping my dads business on the occassion and that I dont get student loan anymore since february.
  7. Yeah I have done. What is there email address though? As I have been contacting them through there only form on there website :s soo Stressed!
  8. Hi there Was reading through this and I am going through this problem right now! I took out a loan in January 2012 and since then I have lost my job and dont recieve any student finance now. When I was employed etc I send I could afford a payment plan of £150 per month but now I have worked out I can only afford £20 per month until I get sorted. I have no idea what to do and they constantly text, phone and email such nasty things. I tried to email them but I get the same bog standard email back from them and 'Greg Campbell'. Can anyone help please? Rachel
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