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  1. Cheers Jonni, letter off today.
  2. Hi, have now got my statements from Capital One, after totting up charges now ready to send prelim letter. From statements also noticed that I had payment protection insurance for the 3 years I had the card, as I did not request this can I include request for repayment in my prelim letter also?
  3. Hi Woody, just put something in your letter along the lines of Thank you for your kind offer of £*** on the "date" I am willing to accept the offer in partial payment but not in full and final payment and reserve the right to pursue the rest through the courts if need be. good luck with your claim.
  4. Hi, this thread is interesting, as I have just changed my mortgage to a different one with the N/R. Even though it is with the same company, they charged me £6,500 early redemption fee for doing this,as well as a £399 administration fee, as I changed it 2 years early because of the lower repayments on new product. Thought that was right as I changed to new mortgage early, but would be interested to see if anyone else has any luck with trying to reclaim these fees?
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