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  1. Thanks brigadier! And Mike770, I'm not shaking at the knees! If something could be done, Marlin wouldn't have sold it on! But sarcasm aside, it's starting to wear thin. Wondering how many times it's gonna get sold on...
  2. Hello all. Hope everyone's well. Well guys, here's an update. I've heard nothing from Marlin since they sent the letter saying there will be no further correspondence. On Saturday morning, I got a letter from a company from Ruthbridge ltd. All it said was that they got my info from a credit reference agency, and that I was required to call them quoting reference xxxxx. It also says "should you not call us within 10 days, an agent may be instructed to call you".... What should I do with this one? Surely if I send an SB letter, it looks like I'm acknowledging what I know theyre chasing. On a p
  3. Morning all. Just had a thought. When the car was lifted, it was nothing to do with me as stated before. Mothers signature on the vehicle surrender form. Even though Marlin claimed it was mine! Surely this also backs up my case against Marlin? A blatant attempt to deceive me. Also surely any cause of action on the account should be by myself!?
  4. What are the odds of them attempting to take it further? My personal feeling is that they'd be extremely stupid to try as I have plenty of evidence of them attempting to deceive me.
  5. Can anyone inform me what Marlins game plan is from here? I'm confused. Are they throwing in the towel by saying the letter is their last response?
  6. Thank you all. I certainly feel that they are clutching at straws. You have to admire their tenacity! I shall be writing them another letter. More importantly I hope I can help someone else in the same position I'm in with dealing with these **** bags.
  7. Ok. Thank you. Am I right in believing that they know they can't take it through the courts? Certainly seems that way
  8. Thanks mate. Just can't grasp why they say they'll keep chasing me yet at the end of the letter is says "this is our last response"
  9. Thanks. Would that explain the non threatening letter!? No threats of solicitors/court etc... You think they know they don't stand a chance?
  10. Hello all. I trust you're all well. After I sent a letter basically saying go away because the last payment i made was in 2005, i got a reply today. Here goes...... "I understand you have contacted us in relation to your account which you believe is SB. You comment your last payment was 16th DEC 2005 and that we should stop contacting you. I AM UNABLE TO CONFIRM THAT THERE WILL BE NO FURTHER CONTACT REGARDING THIS ACCOUNT. The account is not SB and the matter is still outstanding. The reason for this is that although the original agreement commenced in 2004 and your last payment was
  11. Legends are you lot. I can't believe the audacity tbh.
  12. Anyone got a good template to tell these morons to do one?
  13. I think they thought I wasn't gonna go through all the paperwork with a fine tooth comb. One other mistake on the statement. There's credits, then debits on the same days. Ie, payment was returned. On one of these in April 06, it says credit only. So they're saying it did come out... But the remaining balance underneath stays the same!! FAIL. Someone didn't do their maths. Whatever they're implying, I have in writing from my old bank that the last payment was made in DEC 2005... Where do I go from here?
  14. Hi all. Hope all is well. Right. Went to the bank this morning And got a print out. The account was closed in May 06. The last payment was made from the account in DEC 05. the statement of payments that the DCA has sent also backs this up. There is an odd payment made in March 06 from a credit card. Firstly, I never had a credit card and secondly, it was made in March. So it's outside the Limitations act date anyway. My mother made a few small payments in 2005. Guess how many of these are on the DCA statement.... None! My mother was hounded to pay a £75 payment, which took the agreement
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