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  1. Hello all, Just to let you know that i followed your advice Old-CodJa and i have been successful. I wrote the letter explaining myself and stating how sorry i was and how a criminal record could spell the end of my career and hence my children's futures. I then recieved a call today and someone from TFL was asking for my email address which i provided. They then emailed me saying TfL have agreed to settle out of court and asked me to pay a fine of £250. I am so grateful and even though this is alot of money, i think it is better than me having a criminal record and i would like to thank all of you guys have adviced me throughout this testing time. I have learnt my lesson and this wa a genuine mistake that will obviously never happen again. We do learn from our mistakes and i have learnt. I love this forum and God bless all of you x
  2. The Urbanite, i appreciate and understand what you are saying. Like i have stated previously, i now realise that i should never have used this card as it did not belong to me. But you know, in life sometimes we do things without thinking or reading the small print. The warnings are there but you know life is so hard sometimes, its not black and white. I don't know and will never know what possessed me but i am human and i made a mistake that i can't undo. I have never been in trouble with the law before and i have managed to lead a life that my children would be proud of. However, on this occassion, i don't know what came over me or what made me think it is OK, it is just one of those unexplainable things. I am just so disappointed and in disbelief that one mistake in life is going to cost me all that i have worked so hard for. I put my hand up and agree that i deserve punishment, but the punishment is so severe because a criminal record would totally destroy my career and hence my children's future. Oh how i wish i could only turn the clock back.....and it's so hurtful that one gets such a hefty punishment for one first mistake yet there are thousands out there who offend and re-offend without having their lives turned upside down. I think everyone deserves a second chance in life and i am sure no one goes through life without making mistakes...we learn from our mistakes and i have learnt from this, just that this lesson has spelt the end for me
  3. Thank you so much Old-CodJa for this advice. I am doing this today and having the letter posted recorded delivery. However, my court date is in 2 weeks, do you think i will get a response before then and if not what do i do with the letter that is asking for my plea? I think it is best i wait and fingers crossed i get a positive response. This is killing me softly but i do appreciate your advice. God bless
  4. Hi there, Firstly, i think this forum is brilliant and i am glad i have come across it. My problem is that i have been summoned to Richmond court, being prosecuted for using someone else's oyster. He is a friend and a bus driver so he got an oyster with his photo on it. On the said day, i picked up the oyster and used it on the bus which was subsequently stopped by inspectors. I presented the oyster and was asked to come off. She took down my details and confiscated the card saying that i shouldn't be using it. Later i received a letter asking me to explain myself. I did my best and explained that i was not aware that i couldn't use someone else's card. I begged for forgiveness as i know that taking me to court will completely destroy me. My profession requires a clean enhanced CRB, i am a mum of 2 and this was the first time i had done anything like this before. I have now just received a letter telling me i am being prosecuted and asking for my plea. Please advise.. .i know i am guilty as the card did not belong to me but i just assumed it is ok to ue it. Ignorance is no defence but is there anything i can do between now and the court date to avert this situation. I am desperate as i need to avoid a criminal conviction but i am so worried don't know what to do. What should i do? Plead guilty.. .write another letter to tfl begging for forgiveness.... plead not guilty...etc I really could use some advise please. Many thanks
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