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  1. If you don't have a valid ticket for your journey you may have to pay a penalty fare. You didn't have a valid ticket and so had to pay the penalty fare. sounds a bit of an open and shut case - sorry.
  2. Fortunately I don't HAVE to complain - I can just comment. However it does seem like things are a bit of a mess and some case law may clarify the issue.
  3. @Old-CodJA - difficult to see why FCC would argue penalty fares are not contract terms for ticketless travel. If this arguement is followed we know what penalty fares are not, but it is unclear what they are. If what FCC are doing is capriciously demanding monies from ticketless passengers who have clearly committed a strict-liability offence in exchange for not prosecuting, it sounds like extortion - or at least a corrupt practice.
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