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  1. I think I am perfectly entitled to open the letters, alfwithhair! I am the only person to have ever lived at my flat: it was a new build when I moved in! So I write with confidence that the 3 people running up the debts are not known at my address, never have been and never will!
  2. Should I give a brief explanation in my application to them, the reason why? I've made a note of the 3 agencies and their addresses.
  3. Can somebody please help me get these lovely people off my back? About a year ago they started sending letters addressed to a woman, purporting to live at my address, and who owed money to a credit card company. At first it was merely a nuisance and I ignored them, sending them back, RTS, not known at this address. However, they continued, then I began to get letters addressed to a man, owing money to BT. After awhile I contacted both companies and told them these people were completely unknown to me and no debts were outstanding at my address. I was told the letters would stop. Now, my little one bedroomed flat has expanded to take in a THIRD person (I have no idea where they all sleep! ) I sent the letters off to the OFT earlier this year, and they wrote back, saying they'd look into it, but since then I've received yet more, with threatening tones. This is me now....:mad2: I am sick and tired of getting these. How else can I get them to stop? Who else do I turn to for help? This week I typed a letter (and no, I didn't leave my name and I didn't sign it!), requesting them to stop sending the letters and adding, as they had caused me distress and inconvenience, they would be paying the postage! I even wrote it on the envelope, stating I wouldn't accept the envelope if it was returned back to me. I have wasted enough time, resource and stamp writing off to the OFT: why should I put a stamp on a communication to THEM? At the same time, I sent off the recent few to the OFT, as if to say 'look, they're still coming!' Any ideas folks? Very many thanks!
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