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  1. Goodmorning all. So resolve just turned up at my door refusing to speak with me through my ring doorbell I spoke to him and recorded through my phone as requested. He wanted to go through security questions with me asking if I was said person. I told him to get off my property and said I'd call the police. He went immediately. Any thing else I need to worry about? Many thanks
  2. So there is the letter from resolve. I can't find that link so I'll just ignore them as stated before I believe many thanks Resolve.pdf
  3. Many thanks I have a cctv camera out side so I'll make that very aware to them.
  4. again I'm just trying the brief the wife so she can get her angry face on. I take it a cease and desist letter wouldn't get rid of these people?.
  5. Afternoon sir. Ok many thanks, so I'm guessing we are going to get visitors then? Just a get off my land or I'll call the police kind of response? Many thanks
  6. Good afternoon it's been a while, actually June 13th since the last letter and now this has hit the doorstep. May I ask, are they selling the debt on to a third party which I'm sure they can't do and if not should I worry about this resolvecall. Once again appreciate all the help.
  7. Evening all. Would it be recommended to send these people a cease and desist letter as this is getting stupid now. If so may I be sent a good one. Many thanks 20190613_192116.pdf
  8. Good evening. The vultures have replied once again to my most recent letter sent. Please see attached the letter received from them. Sounds alot less vicious than the last. Altho still confused, if they know where I live why ask for my original address that the car was registered ? Many thanks and thank you all. 20190528_183257.pdf 20190528_183109.pdf
  9. That's great thank you. My wife is so anxious now she just caved and said "just call them" .......... NO CHANCE
  10. Goodmorning It seems the debt company are ramping up the threats which I don't appreciate and is making me very anxious to be honest. Is there anything I can send letter wise to stop this or reafraim that they are harassing me for no reason. Many thanks 20190517_115847.pdf
  11. Good morning all . So after a quite a while the debt management company have replied by sending two letters to me - please see attached. They have also annoyingly called my parents to see if I live there which was not appreciated, even tho I've told them my new address. Please advise. Many thanks
  12. Ok that's great. Once again many thanks for all the help and let's hope they just fade away .
  13. Ok that's great . So may I ask, why is there a time limit for them to answer the CCA request ?
  14. What happens if they persist, threaten legal action or come knocking at my door ?
  15. Good afternoon. Well the 12+2 days are up for the CCA from the Debt company. So what's the plan now?, do i just wait and ignore other letters or are there others I can send in return to sod them off lol. Many thanks you have all been so helpful.
  16. Ok well that makes me feel alot better then. No it hasn't been to court, and to be honest I'm just worried about it all. As told above, I've stopped all payments, sent a CCA request to the new debt company and a SAR to Vauxhall. I shall wait untill the 25th and return with news hopefully. Thank you for the help I really do appreciate it.
  17. So let me get this striaght and i apologise for my lack of educatuon re this matter. if The CCA request that i sent isn't met by the Debt company they can still send bailiffs round and harass me ?. And if the 12+2 days lapse and nothing is sent what do i do from there?
  18. Oh ok I was under the duress that the debt company cannot enforce anything and can be sent a cease and desist letter if the CCA isn't met correctly meaning the Debt is not enforceable. Also 6 years from the date I bought the car or 6 years from the first letter the Debt company sent me ?
  19. So it can run longer than 12+2 days ? How long can they keep contacting me ?.
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