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  1. he rang the national debt helpline today and they are going to write a letter for him to send to the dwp. so hopefully we can get it sorted. thank you for your advice anyway
  2. My partner and i are in reciept of pension credit and he recieved a letter saying that back in 2002 he claimed income support whilst working and has to pay back £1,500 at £21.30 per week. He says that he has never claimed income support and has a feeling that his ex wife possibly signed his name on the forms as she got loans out in his name whilst they were married. As it has been 10 years since they say it was claimed can they take it back like this
  3. yes 57p. i do not understand how they can keep putting the inerest rate up. i owe more in arrears now than when i went to court in 2010
  4. every so many weeks they send me a letter saying the interest rate has gone up. when i rang the beginning of this month to make the payment they told me how much my payment was and i paid it by card. then today i recieved a letter saying that i had defaulted on my arrangement so i rang them and they said i was 57p short on what i should have paid. and if it wasnt paid by my next payment day they would go for another repossession order
  5. i took out a secured loan on my property with Kensington back in 2006. i had a public house and ended up going bankrupt and then got into arrears with my secured loan. kensington went for repossession in 2010 but in the dec i got a suspended order from the court and was ordered to pay the contractual amount plus £75 off of the arrears. i have stuck to the arrangement but they keep putting the interest rate up and the arrears are going up. every time i ring to make payment on the 1st of the month they tell me how much to pay and i do it. but they keep sending me letters saying i have defaulted on my arrangement and when i ring them they say its because i didnt pay enough on my last payment when they inform me how much i have to pay at time of calling. they also added £600 solicitors fees when i went to court to get the eviction stopped which was not ordered by the court. i wrote a letter of complaint to them 1 yr ago but they responded by saying they are charging me the correct fees. can you please advise me if they are correct. many thanks caroline
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