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  1. No I have had a really bad time with them and I've stil to make my appeal, I think they should have had this information a while ago when I started 10 years ago, I don't want to give them the information I just want to know that I can say no to them.
  2. Thank you for that I am worrying myself sick
  3. Hi can anyone explain why my ex employer would ask for a copy of my passport and driving licence ? I have just recently been dismissed.
  4. I believe a number of staff have been called liars because they cannot get the info they looking for. The collective grievance was to protect staff as they are worried for their jobs. Would whistleblowing be the way to go? Thanks again
  5. Hi Can anyone help, can you be called a liar at an investigatory meeting at work ? A number of staff have a grievance and want to put this to senior management this has been done before and nothing came of it is this allowed by law for management to ignore staff? Is there anybody that will listen and possibly speak to management on our behalf. Thank you
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