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  1. Its defiantly not been scraped as my JCP adviser told me i'd get it as i meet the criteria, Plus i've been told by numerous people that it just "ran on" as the DWP contacted the council and sorted it. But now i'm being told that i've got to apply for it in writing and then wait for a decision. I will do as i've been told but once they've received it i will keep ringing them till i get a decision as i'm not putting my family at risk of being evicted. Shocking communication between two close knit civil servant communities. I just hope to god my housing association understand the situation im in at the moment and dont jump the gun.
  2. Hi again, I've managed to sort out my WTC etc but now I've had my housing benefit suspended even though i was told that i would receive 4 weeks extended housing benefit after starting work by my JCP adviser, I've spoken to my Council and they've said i've got to write and let them know and apply for my extended housing benefit but with how far behind they are this could take weeks and my rent is near due again. If anyone could shed some light on this, I would be very grateful. Thanks.
  3. Hi there, I'm just looking for some information regarding " Final JSA payment" I signed off on Friday 20/09/2013 and im just wondering how many days it'll be till i receive the backdated payment? Also my JCP adviser "Fast Tracked" working tax credits for me and i rang them last night and they said i've been awarded Working tax credits but it could take up to two weeks to receive this? My main issue is i dont get paid until 25th October and i've got three children to support and im starting to worry that im not going to be able to do this sufficiently Any help i will be most grateful. Thank you
  4. Thank you all very much for all your replies, I will let you all know what the outcome is too my appeal ( hope it's good ) Thank you all again, Edward
  5. Yes it is a joke! I know when A4e contacted me via letter about the missed appointment, I rang them straight away and spoke to my adviser of which turned out to be a new one of which i wasn't told about, i explained the situation to her and she said she couldn't stop the sanction process but she put on system that i had contacted her about it. I explained to her that when i attended my appointment on the 2nd march to see my adviser but he was off sick, They had asked me to do a job search of which i did then i signed out and went home, Not once did anyone book me a appointment and if they had i receive a text message 48hrs prior to my appointment's just to remind me about that appointment. I live 5 minutes away from the A4e office so it wouldn't cause me no hassle going there for any appointment especially when i know the consequences to missing a appointment and with a young family to support its not something worth risking for me. I've appealed against the decision today and taken it back to my local job centre, I've also applied for hardship although its takes upto a week for a decision to be made. What's this about if it's a joint claim it only affect's my money and not my partners? I've been told i will receive 6days payment from the 9th till the 15th june but will my partner receive money for all the two weeks? Confused is not the word lol. Thanks for all your help. Edward
  6. Hi, I've had my JSA sanctioned due to not attending a A4e appointment, This appointment i never received a letter for or even booked it with them. I've rang Padge road and they've gave my explanation for not attending this appointment to which they've sanctioned my benefits from the 16th June to 29th June. On this letter it says " we cannot award you national insurance contribution credits for this period" And " we cannot pay you Jobseeker's allowance from 30th June 2012" Can anyone help me with this please? I've got a appointment for hardship at 12:10 Today, As my partner is 13weeks pregnant and i have 2 young children. I'm grateful for any help given. Edward
  7. So when i go to sign on today they wont say anything or be able to inform me of any action being taken? And i will still receive payment from todays signing on? As everyone knows A4e is rubbish, i've not seen my adviser since before christmas due to him cancelling appointment after appointment even the odd time when ive attended a appointment he was not even there due to not telling me it was cancelled. I've expressed my concerns about this to the JCP and they've told me to make a formally complaint to A4e of which im in the process of doing. Also ive been given a new adviser of which i didn't know until i received this letter about them referring my missed appointment to the JCP and from my phone call that followed to them. I appreciate your help Thank you very much.
  8. Hi there, I received a letter from A4e about a missed appointment and that they was referring this back to the job centre which could result in a sanction for me, The thing is i rang and cancelled this appointment but because ive been given a new advisor they never cancelled it, it seems anyway. How long does it normally take to receive a letter from the job centre about being sanctioned? Thank you for any help u may be able to give me
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