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  1. Thanks a lot. I'll do it ASAP and put my progress here.
  2. First of all sorry about double posting. And thanks for your reply. PPI has been put 2 weeks ago and it's under consideration I've receive a letter from Welcome Finance confirming the application received. I do not have all the statements from Welcome finance eventhough I've asked them several time. How can I get this?
  3. Dear All, I have taken Unsecured Loan from Welcome finance 3 and half year ago Loan details are as follows: Loan Credit amount: £3500 PPI: £1400 Personal Insurance : £190 Total amount credited to me : £5090 in 2008 Total amount payable: £9600 at the end of 2011 So far I have paid more than £8000 of £9600. I have realized that the charges and interest rate from welcome finance are beyond my reach to fulfill. As I am pending total sum of £4900 still to pay (considering £8000 already been paid, this loan is costing me > £1300!!) Current status: I have raised PPI
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