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  1. Yeah, that's true. Maybe that's why they're being so pro active now. Definitely going to have to get this proof from them soon then and get the SAR as well.
  2. ohhhh, wow I'm special. you are correct ims21. I really can't count. so it's almost 6 years if I magicked up a year from somewhere. Thanks for that spot. Kind of changes things a bit. I'm not, I'm in Wales.
  3. Ok, so if I get hold of 3 mobile, or would it be Moorcroft? And the SAR is 10 squids isn't it?
  4. so I may be able to claim for SB now or in the very near future? I'm really greatful for all this help, this kind of thing really goes over my head
  5. Wow, now I'm confused. I have copies of all emails sent. It says on my Noddle cra thing that the date of default was 25/05/2007, which is almost 6 years. But if I'm right in saying the SB will be in effect from 25/06? SD? Is that a summons date? I'm really hoping that they don't go to court but IF they do, then does anyone know what the usual turnaround time is to get a date?
  6. Further to the matter, received a letter today (20th) dated the 16th, saying; " You have not arranged a payment plan, despite our previous letter. AS previously advised we have assessed your financial means and will look to the courts if necessary to ensure the debt is repaid. We can now apply to court for a county court judgement and if we are granted a ccj and you do not repay we can then apply to have it enforced. We could then apply to; various ways of legal theft etc etc" I had no reply to email I sent last week, I had a missed call at work but didn't phone back. How lon
  7. I admit that there was originally a debt, what I don't admit is the debt that lowell are claiming. Cheers for the advice, I'm not entirely sure why I shouldn't give them a copy of my signiature, though I'd rather send a postal order/bankers draught, or even pay the extra postage and send them £10 worth of pennies. Cheers for the advice though.
  8. So would the original default date (plus 1 month), be what I go from for the statute barred or the update?
  9. Ok, I checked my noddle credit report and apparently the default date on the account was 25/05/2007. It also says the default balance was £29 pounds and the balance is £372. The little red circle chart only goes back to December 2008 for some reason though. I'm guessing that this is the point at which red/lowell/hampton bought the debt?
  10. Thanks very much for your help, it's greatly appreciated. It's great to see people that are willing to help people these days. I'll dig out the papaerwork and try and check dates, if it can't be found then I'll consider a SAR. Cheers, Josh
  11. Ok, cheers. I wasn't aware of the statute barred(?) thingy. Does that basically mean that if it was paid (which it was) and I refuse to admit that I owe any more (which I do) for 6 years then the debt becomes in effect null and void? If it does then it would be wise to find out the exact date of the payment?
  12. Sorry, it was 3 mobile, I'm a sloppy typer. With the SAR request, I'm presuming that along with a slight re-jig of the wording to relate to a phone company not a bank, I leave out the section on the returning of the £10 fee, as it wasn't their fault I went into debt. Also, is it a postal order/cheque/bankers draught/pennies that I send to them?
  13. I haven't as I don't know what it is. Money's a bit tight even for £10, though if you think that it'll help then it may be worth me checking down the back of the sofa for some change to get one.
  14. The debt to 3 mobile was roughly 5/6 years, 4 house moves and 1 burglary ago, so unfortunately it's hard for me to find the proof of payment. It's likely that I still have the bank statement which shows the payment and it was paid off in one go, though I doubt this is much help. I haven't/don't know how to check my credit files, I tried to a couple of years ago relating to this debt but got really confused. The communication was just advising that they may seek a county court judgement. Cheers for the help.
  15. I have been having some trouble with a past debt from 3 mobile, I have looked through lots of threads to find out what to do, however most of the advice has gone over my head. The original debt was with 3 mobile 5/6 years ago for a cancelled contract and was sorted with Moorcroft (who I believe are 3's in-house comapny?) This was paid off however some time later I was contacted by red/lowell saying I owed a greater amount of money and they wanted paying. I refused to accept that owed anything, asked them to prove it (which they didn't) and proceeded to ignore the e
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