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  1. he wrote letter of rejection than dealer took the car for repair? my neighbour just got to look at it for a few days he never got to drove it,
  2. he did he seen his feedback and thought every thing was good,
  3. hi its not for me but my neighbour had seen a mitsubishi 4x4 l200 animal on ebay for sale, There was no buy it now price or auction, You had to ring to buy the item, this is the item number https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MITSUBISHI-L200-ANIMAL-LAST-OWNER-15-YRS-116000-WARRANTED-MILES-UK-DELIVERY-/323670179905?nma=true&si=%2BGhlFZrspvzuVpk8jGZT9zUlAEk%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 So has you can see it has 12 months warranty, he rang the guy in Nottinghamshire but my neighbour didn't go see the car. told my neighbour he could pay £500 on his debit card but the remainder of £2890 had to be paid by bank transfer because he had told my neighbour that due to money laundering problems he had to do it that way? My neighbour didnt know he just paid it, the seller brought the car up to leeds from nottinghamshire to him. within 24 hours my neighbour had noticed oil leaking, he rang the guy who agreed that in a few weeks the car would be picked up at not cost to him and taken for repairs. a few weeks passed my neighbour tried to ring him but he realised he had blocked his numbers. i rang the number to which he answered when he realised i was ringing on behalf of my neighbour he than blocked my number also. my husband rang him different number he answered him, Told my husband to tell that he will have to see him in court and he's not getting his car back, we got in touch with CAB who advised him to write a letter of rejection in that case so we did. No response back from him, sent a second letter in advising him to respond or the next letter would be a letter before court, Again no response Finally after the car was bought on the 9th february 2019 in march my neighbour got a phone call from seller saying that they are not happy because the bank had managed to get my neighbour the £500 he paid on his card but not the rest as bank transfer is classed has voluntary? then said because the bank has taken £500 he will defo see him in court. And also said because he has done warranty work on car he needs to pay for that? the car had 12 months warranty on it? my neighbour had insured the car but then because it was in the garage for repairs has he thought, he cancelled his insurance now on ASKMID its showing has been insured ? Its defo not my neighbour because he cancelled it a month ago, My neighbour is wondering is there anything he can do about this I would say its theft because how can a garage have someones car then insure it themselves when they are refusing to give it back IF I HAVE SPELT ANYTHING WRONG I apologise and for my bad grammar i do suffer from arthritis in my hands so its quite difficult to get fullstops and commas sorry in advanced
  4. ok all so update from last time ok the car was brought from bristol street motors. now since last time the car had been sent to newcastle where whilst it was there the fault happened so they replaced the screen. picked the car up and within minutes it happened again, so we called the dealership and told him made a video of it happening To which then we also contacted vauxhall customer services and told them, we had the car weeks before between the dealership and vauxhall it was arranged to be taken to luton, to the manufactory for them to look at it.whilst they had it for 3 weeks some things where changed etc but they couldn't make the car fault,becuase its intemintant, so they changed the touch screen, and was told that should cure it, guess what the car come back to us on the 19th december 2016 and on the 25th december yes xmas day it happened again, so we video it and sent it to both dealership and vauxhall ,Now this is 11 times repairs same fault.today was phoned by garage to say he wonted us to drop the car to him on friday for him to drive it around clock up milage to see if fault happens. its not going to its intemeintant.but we have rang vauxhall they told us they told the garage we have two options: 1 to reject the car 2 have a field tech guy visit but the garage is over 200 miles away from us they have not mentioned any thing about the garage using the car for a week to see if it happens the finance company is also involved by the way GMAC they know of the problems.And they rang us saying same thing vauxhall have given garage 2 options no mention of driving the car around for a week,
  5. ok so last year we bought a ampera in september,and since then its been in the garage for same repairs under warranty.every time it goes in for the display it comes out with new display and unto 7 days later it goes again, this happens for all 8 times each time its in garage for 30 days at least for repair,becuase it has to go to specialist electric car dealer in newcastle we are in leeds, when we bought the car last year we paid £3000 deposit and the remainder £14000 on finance,so after 8 repairs and not been able to drive it much we have said to dealership enough is enough and wrote a letter to say we wont to reject his car now. so the dealership has said we have 2 options we can hand the car back get our £3000 minus the 5 months we paid finance .and car less. or let the vauxhall do repair again under warranty and fingers crossed but we have had a case opened with vauxhall customer services since last year.and we said to them look the manufactory warranty runs out 2018 but if we let them fix it we would like extra warranty given for piece of mind after woods but they said no where do we stand
  6. hi all we have the vauxhall ampera its a electric car for those that didn't know lol ..
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