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  1. Sorry for the delay in replying, as I had a few days off.The figure of £89 was just a guestimate of what bills had been. All bills have had the meter readings on them.
  2. I said obviously this can't be right during several conversations on the telephone and a letter which they ignored and did not reply to and all they said was that it had been used and therefore I had to pay it. They seemed to be fixating on my having the meter checked and this worried me as they did not want to discuss any other fault including the previous tenant having gone into liquidation and not paying his bill. Also when I switched to EON they said that the reading I had given them was far lower than the one they had been given by EDF and that they would owe me money!!! Edf said that t
  3. Does anyone know a consumer action group or individual that can help me take on EDF Energy? I rent a small business unit that was costing me something like £89 per month for electricity then suddenly out of the blue they sent me a bill for over £1500 and they wont help me find out why or give me any help in finding the reason? Any help that helps me to fight this evil corporation will be very gratefully received.
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