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  1. Hi all. I hope someone out there can help me. I've got a very strange situation. My bank (Nat West) has frozen all my accounts, containing some £6000. They have given no notification for doing this. I have received no letters, emails, phone calls or other correspondance telling me why this has happened. They won't talk to me about it. They wont pay any direct debits, nor can i get into online/mobile banking. In fact, its as if they've just said "were shutting you down but we aren't telling you why". I have been left with zero funds, and no way to get paid. I have no debt with the bank, the account doesnt even have an overdraft facility or credit cards. I cannot get any answers and I'm frustrated. I have made an appointment to see my local MP to try to get him to raise the issue with them, but I don't really know whats happening. Any help would be appreciated.
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