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  1. I was coming back from Mill Hill Broadway to Kentish town and tapped my oyster at the machine (there are no barriers). Turns out the machine never read my oyster, even though I had enough money for the journey. I was checked on the train for a ticket, which showed that I had no entry for the journey and was thus travelling without a ticket. The officer asked me to pay a partial/full fine by cash or card but I did not have sufficient funds on me. He then took a statement from me about the incident and said I will hear from the company soon.
  2. I have attached all the interaction i have had with the company to date.. MrGates, the £20 was the initial fine that would have been imposed on me. I was wondering what would be appropriate at the moment. The letters are in date order and my response is stated separately. Thanks again to everyone for replying... Letter for First Capital Connect.pdf Notices from First Capital Connect.pdf
  3. I recently received a notice of intention to prosecute from First Capital Connect, where they explained my case of ticket dodging and what the maximum penalties that can be imposed on me. I sent them a letter to explain the situation and they replied back saying they will be continuing with the case. However, I was travelling on the same journey again and was checked again by another Revenue Protection Officer. I explained the whole case to him and his opinion. He stated that going to court was the last possible option the Company would pursue. The Prosecutions Department did out of court
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