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  1. Update: After not hearing back for a while I was contacted by phone today by the Customer Service and Collections Manager. She said that she was sorry but cannot assist with my cancellation request. She has said that the only thing I could do is to complain to the reginal manager. So I am about to do that now. Will keep you all posted.
  2. Thank you for the welcome and the speedy response and advice The Gym is Harpers Fitness and they are under Leisure Connection. At present I have not reached the stage where I have had to withold payments. But I will stop my DD Mandate after May's payment is taken. I had read through a lot of the similar posts but wasnt sure if my situation was the same. I will review the thread you have referenced and use it to aid my response to the gym. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again
  3. Help…I need some advice on cancelling my membership. I joined my local leisure centre gym on a special deal they were having just before Xmas 2011 .. no joining fee etc etc. I was shown round the facilities and all was fine so I signed up there and then. I recall asking, and got confirmation, that this was a monthly contract and I only needed to give 1 month notice to cancel. I asked because I had just moved in to rented accommodation on a 6 month initial tenancy so didn’t want to be tied if for any reason I moved on. After not using the gym as much as I had hoped, I decided to call the gym to find out how to cancel. This was on 4th April 2012. They asked if I was on a monthly or year contract, of course I had said monthly, they informed me as I had just missed the 1st of the month I had already missed this run so my notice would have to start from 1st May and hence another payment would be taken and membership would end at the end of May. Although harsh I have no problem with this. They then said I should send an email to an address provided to submit the notice. Within 5 minutes I received a response stating that I had agreed to a 12 month contract and I should contact customer services to discuss further. I raised it with customer services who then proceeded to send me a scanned image of the document I signed. Which, to my dismay, did show reference to 1 year however other details contradict this - the membership details show:- Membership Type: Active 1yr min Cont R D D Start Date: 01/12/2011 End Date: 31/12/2011 Instalments: 1 So although I now see that 1 year is referenced the end date showing Dec 2011 and showing 1 instalment now confuses me. I have contacted them twice, both times repeating that the sales person confirmed a monthly contract with one month cancellation notice, 1st questioning the end date, 2nd questioning both the end date together with the instalment number and both times they responded with “... you have signed for a 12 month agreement … the end date shows the end of the first instalment” the 2nd response also added that “…the number of payments is stated on the terms and conditions point 4a…” - and did not comment on why only 1 instalment was referenced. Please can someone confirm if I still have rights to cancel and how I should respond. I have not cancelled my direct debit as yet – but attend to do so after the 1st May payment is taken. Many thanks in advance for your assistance on this matter.
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