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  1. I've been looking at the issue of Housing Benefit in Universal Credit, and I can't get a simple straightforward answer as to whether or not the stated monthly amount of UC even includes HB. I understand legacy JSA and IB and ESA having fixed amounts each fortnight for a benefit, but I always thought that since the HB was set by the local council, that it varied a lot from person to person based on their rent, which can vary substantially. But if UC includes a fixed amount for ALL possible rents, doesn't that leave some people at a disadvantage if their rents are high? Also, is it true the HB part of UC also gets stopped during a sanction, and can't be restarted separately with a NIL INCOME call to the council? Does the council even control the HB in UC?
  2. https://www.gov.uk/report-benefits-change-circumstances Thanks for the clarification, everyone. A HMO does sound much more like where I am at, and thank for the link, Ethel! I can't believe I've been using the wrong term for so many years!
  3. I have been at the same address for over 13 years, which is shared accommodation run by a private landlord. There is a rented bedsit each for the tenants, and the landlord lives at the same address, in his own room. The tenants are not related to each other, but they move in and out on a regular basis as the years go by, and I have known about two dozen people doing this. The kitchen and bathroom are shared by all. The problem I've got now is that I have neglected to tell the DWP about the people moving in and out, and their incomes. I don't know anything about their incomes, nor did I want to ask. I was told a long time ago that I didn't need to relay such information, but otherwise I would've been filling out Change of Circumstance forms on a regular basis. Am I in trouble? Or am I misinterpreting the Change of Circumstance clauses known as: changes to the benefits you or anyone else in your house gets people moving into or out of your house (for example your partner, a child or lodger) Would I really have to repay any excess amounts? Why does it matter what incomes and number of people there is?
  4. I was planning to do more voluntary hours at the RSPCA. As the Permitted Work Factsheet itself says:
  5. This is the thing: I haven't had any official letter from the RSPCA to confirm my "contract", for want of a better word. If the head office won't send a letter, I'm sure the manager of the RSPCA charity shop could write a letter, but it would seem old-fashioned to him. I thought there was some kind of official DWP form for this sort of thing, that I could fill in and sign, but the only one that comes close is the Permitted Work form, which does mention "unpaid", but I don't know if that's volunteering (I guess it would be). Should I print that out, fill that out and send it in by post?
  6. I found my old contact number for the work coach, but she's not available on Friday, and I was gonna call on Tuesday next week anyway, on "payday". After my WCA in (I think) May of 2017, I went for three appointments at the JCP and talked to her the first two times, but the third time it was someone else, but I don't remember if she was sick that day or if the work coach was changed, and I don't have that person's contact number. I will call on Tuesday in any case, and see what happens.
  7. What's the best and simplest way of informing them? Pop into the JCP without an appointment and just tell anyone? Phone call? What number? I think there was a form, but it seems to have been discontinued.
  8. I told the DWP work coach in early 2018 that I was doing three afternoons at Mind Cymru. Then, around late summer 2018, Mind Cymru suggested that I volunteer elsewhere as they couldn't find much work for me. I looked around for somewhere else, then found RSPCA in January 2019, but I didn't tell the DWP, and it was a combination of forgetting and not realising I had to (or so I've read in the rules). So should I? I'm afraid they will suspend my ESA claim until they confirm with RSPCA. What are the repercussions if I don't? Not serious, surely?
  9. I did let them know months ago, yes. Or are you telling me I should let them know of the change now?
  10. Considering the lack of responses now, the fact that the last time I went to the JCP, I told them I was volunteering, and the fact that I'm volunteering under the same exact rules as I have been since 2005, must mean that I haven't committed any fraud and that everything is fine.
  11. I'm on ESA WRAG and had a WCA in 2017, but was allowed to remain where I was and continue volunteering. The last few times I saw my work coach (back in early 2018) I told them where I was volunteering and for how many afternoons a week (3). However, I changed the company I volunteered for from Mind Cymru to RSPCA in January this year, but completely forgot to tell the DWP. Is it too late to do so, and will I get in trouble if I do inform them months after the fact? I could explain I didn't know I needed to tell them, I suppose. Will it affect my benefits, even if I send in a form? Which form is it, anyway? The last thing I want is another WCA.
  12. I don't do paid work at the moment, only voluntary work (3 afternoons per week).
  13. I am inquiring about how older, single people are treated on UC and how often they are likely to be sanctioned compared to other age groups. I am 47 in September and have always been Single, and if I was to be put onto Universal Credit soon (as I think I may be) then I am wondering how often people in my group would be at risk of sanction. I have seen charts where, the older the claimant is, the chances of sanction are less likely, but I have not been able to find out information about single people. I have seen a pie chart of that kind mentioning single parents or couples and even disabled people, but no mention of single people at all. Are people in my group hit hardest or not? I am currently on ESA as I have a physical "limitation" and have mental health issues (anxiety and paranoia) but I heard that next year, everyone on legacy benefits will be moved over onto UC. Is that still the plan?
  14. I'll talk to the CAB sometime about all of this, rather than contact the local council directly. Thanks for the helpful info, peeps!
  15. I'm already getting the maximum, it seems. Looks like I'll have to pay the difference, then.
  16. My landlord wants to increase my rent, and so he has asked me if I can get an increase from my Housing Benefit. I'm in shared accommodation with a private landlord, and I'm also claiming ESA. What are my options?
  17. Just got a new letter from them: the new WCA appointment is 18th July. Here we go again.
  18. WCA POSTPONED! I was actually on my way to the assessment centre when I got a phone call from them (showed up as (Private Number)) that because of overruns, my appointment was going to be rescheduled for another date. I told them I was on my way and they said sorry, rather apologetically. In fact, the woman on the line was quite nice. So what happens now? I think they said there might be a letter in the post about it, so do I just wait now? I only hope it's not some kind of trick to sanction me because of non-attendance, that's all. There'd be no evidence aside from the logged call.
  19. My WCA is on Thursday, and I would really like to know how long I should expect to await the outcome afterwards? Does it vary a lot? I know I'll be found Fit for Work so I was hoping to use that time to do my own jobsearch before the outcome letter comes.
  20. I've decided not to have the WCA recorded, as it seems less than 1% do so and chances are, they wouldn't be able to do it on the day anyway. I know I'm probably jumping the gun a bit, but if I'm found "fit for work", what are the chances of me being put on Universal Credit? I've had a leaflet for it in the past, and I think I'm only eligible for that, and I'm not looking forward to the long delay without any benefit. Lastly, I've heard that many on UC have to do 35hpw jobsearch, which is something I wouldn't be able to cope with. I haven't had a paid job since 2005.
  21. In that case, I won't bother asking them to record. However, it would then be our word against theirs, and they'd accuse us of colluding.
  22. I would like to record the interview as well as have a witness present, but I wonder why they insist on letting them know in advance if you're going to be using a recording device? How do I contact them to arrange this?
  23. Is it unreasonable of me to expect my landlord to attend the WCA with me?
  24. I've looked at the descriptors and I would not get any points for almost all of them. The only exception I can think of is the one with loss of bladder/bowel control, but the problem is I cannot empty my bladder without a medical aid (catheter), and it's very uncomfortable walking around with a full bladder than you can only pee about 10% out, believe me. But my condition is the opposite of this descriptor.
  25. I didn't think there was any evidence I could send, so I didn't, at the time. What evidence could I send that would help?
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